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A father mian says testosterone levels can be measured and followed for patients with low t for more information talk with your doctor or visit mayo clinic dot org i'm vivian williams the nfl season has rolling and you're going to a tailgate this weekend or you're getting together with britain's to watch the games on someone's bigscreen tv you don't have something that cool i don't either this is josh lohan if you want to be in the know for the nfl games this weekend download the podcast blitz and giggle a new episode every thursday and friday great info plenty of north very little hardcore football talked of some good insight for you because i really wanna help blitz and giggle fund the westwood one podcast network is your body language making you look arrogant i'm alex really with the business rockstars minute there is a fine line between being cocky and confidence believe it or not body language can send queues to others about you and your personality you sending the wrong messages the following are some nonverbal queues that leave you looking arrogant to your team number one avoiding i contacts and makes you look uninterested or unwilling to participate in the conversation number two crossing our arms this stance closes you off from others and can make you look inaccessible number three it forgetting about your facial expressions remember you don't wants a lack confidence or theme on engaged avoid the arrogance gap a simple tweak of your manners and can make you appear more confidence or even be more confident i'm alex werleigh and this has been a business rockstars.

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