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Man has been charged in connection with eight drug induced homicide last month. Kane county sheriff Ron Haines says investigators determined at twenty five year old victim. Trevor brubaker had met with the suspect and purchase two three bags of heroin at turned out to be mixed with fentanyl. All Hanes says thirties or finding new ways to fight the drug and opioid epidemic. Medically assisted treatment in our jail or drug addiction counseling, which is on new our jail to a lot of the support services. We're running out into the communities people do embrace that and stop turning to drug sales. Twenty five year old Jose. Charles has been charged in the case. He's being held on half a million dollars bond. Planned Parenthood of Illinois is debut in a new program that offers free birth control to elevate eligible patients, president and CEO. Jennifer Welsh actually, it is a way to break down barriers to accessing preferred method of birth control, in a major, one of those barriers is cost any patient, who is eligible is able to get a free birth control method of their choice for up to one year. WBZ news time one fifty three. Trial is underway in a federal lawsuit, challenging several of Virginia's abortion laws of Virginia law is being challenged include one that excludes nurse practitioners and physicians assistance from performing first trimester, abortions lawyers for the women's health groups suing the state began their case by calling a doctor who testified that abortion, quote is one of the safest medical procedures that exist that trial comes after several states have passed a tough new anti-abortion laws, including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio, in Kentucky, Jim Crace, Bs.

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