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Mario Lopez Lopez to wrap up which, and Ashley Waller talking the hills, new beginnings. So who's changed the most spaces person? Faces Stephanie has the most beautiful work done ever. And she's a dear friend of mine, and she looks in her would agree with that. She looks like a porcelain doll. I love her. Yes. Grave. Who has changed? Well, you. Yeah. Man. Yeah. If you went from from from being too now clan, pretty dramatic when we actually went on connecting with producers against, I mean, they said, you know, your stories a complete one eighty so it's, it's pretty cool. That, but I think overall, I think there's a lot of people may change to the show. I mean, everybody's growing in their own particular ways certain people. Mary, turn people have kids now and, and some people haven't changed. So overall is is this experience? What you thought it would be getting into it. You know, I think I have mixed feelings. I definitely feel very fortunate to have been a part of the series, I think once I walked, maybe I'll feel different about it. But I think I played true too. I am really authentic and raw with my personality. I have a very strong opinion about things people may not like that or they may love it. I'm proud of the person that I was, and it's really to share our story of recovery. I think it's the first time on television that you'll be able to see like a full family dynamic of what looks like with. That struggle with substance abuse. Right. It's cool poorly different. I think it's never been number for them. Yeah, what's the hills? New beginning June twenty-fourth on MTV, and you can follow them on Instagram at Jason Waller at Ashley was, thanks, bro. From the gyco studio. Gyco says fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or moral car insurance. Dot com, fifteen minutes ago that.

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