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All. I know you can't be like Oh. We're star wars people. We don't like Star Trek right as as an example yeah don't like Star Trek. Both that's cool yeah. You don't like either whatever that's cool. You can like those things like football. You can like this thing like the whole basis of our pockets like I can like. I can like make like football. I can like dungeons and dragons. I can like magically gathering. I like I watched sex in the city. Confidence doesn't come from being a part of this group and tribal is doesn't come from the tribal as our part of Yams from yourself and then you make your own opinions and think outside the box exactly what they tell you you feel confident in the decision. You're making to make yourself happy like I think that that's a huge part where it's like like I don't feel self conscious. About what a doing anymore like it did when I was in high school like I felt like I couldn't go to them as they only I played dungeons and dragons with my parents this weekend. I would never have said that to somebody in high school. Now I can literally they say what are the fuck I want 'cause I'm so much more confident in kind of what I'm doing and is not based on what other people around me at are also doing 'cause so I like you know yeah I think <hes> parts of Geek it culture or whatever has improved in that you know expanded my nine. Adopt process hasn't really like I don't take stock in the culture part of anything because that implies that you know there's some preconceived notions beliefs whatever he'll bakery people now you have your own thoughts and ideas and pay privatize roads okay could work so let's move on to the next none okay so this is from stew at Mega trion underscore forty six on twitter and it asked who would play you and five of your friends family nemesis any film version of your life. You can't choose yourself so I I'll choose the actor for you and you choose the actress for me and I thought I play myself in my my own because you know who I'm picking. I'll take for you and you can pick for me. Would you really want Josh to be you at a movie paired with sound but like big name actors actresses like you have Richard Audit and he's like the Rock and then you actually would pick for your lock of rich. Let's who I picked. Who would play Ginny then I was going to stay like carry nightly? Maybe yeah I could see that Yeah Cure. Probably I'm looking at a list of like famous actresses for now. I WANNA look at a list of famous actress says I feel like if we picked care nightly lately no I I honestly cure. Nightly is a good choice because if you look at this picture of her on I._M._D._b.. At least she's got like the right proportions and getting judy is a super skinny. It looks right yeah yeah now yeah I am like Richards also just as both for us makes you can be a Helena Bonham Carter and Albie Johnny Depp. I'll take it I mean I don't really want you and it's really funny funny for here. I was great if pick Chris Pratt because I think you look like Chris Frat and then if that's the case then what do I look like who am I in that pairing yeah. I still think <hes> bottom car would be a good deal. I don't think you look like her too much but but I think my disposition like a big fish. Have you seen big fish. I love big fish. I think her and like big fish is very much me and I feel like our life at that point. If we're going in that direction is it's a Tim Burton film and so that's where we're going yeah yeah so I don't think the rock fits in that Tim Burton esque realm but now I wanna look at like other Tim Burton films and see like who usually play who were frequently in Tim Burton films scrolling down down and no I'm Catherine O'Hara. I WANNA be Catherine O'Hara era. That's how I want to be. I love Catherine O'Hara like my favorite actress in the whole wide world and you could be Michael Keaton. That's what we're GONNA do here. You're going to be Michael. Keaton and I'm going to be Catherine O'Hara overdoing. We're doing like older people so that works and then Richard Shelby Danny Devito daddy debate out and then ginny could be Helena Bonham Carter like all allow that tear because I think Helena Bonham Carter in like big fish release you could age up yeah yeah accident. Helena Bonham Carter I think is like a similar age issue shield. I don't know I guess by Richard Danny Devito but we need we need another person because this is five people that were looking for <hes> and are things Ripley plays Ripley. I don't know Kevin Hart. Yep is playing reveille is Kevin Hart eleven or the The lady that plays Fehmi Anyway Yeah. That's you should do Ripley. 'cause I mean we'll stick with the gender voice. Yeah Parker could be Kevin Higher Kevin Hikes. I love it. This is yeah because if we're going to do like a older people as US yeah be cool. I'm here for it. Okay next question I mean unless you WanNa think of any other I mean if we WANNA do like the Chris Pratt for Yale. Then who am I I want to say I think I'd make Jacob good like Brie Larson or she's in those books Jennifer Lawrence Yeah they go yeah. I'll take yeah I used to like. I think our neighbor she has has a little bit by like we're like this aim high build and whatnot <hes> do Janine would be Elizabeth Olsen who plays Wanda morning scarlet witch and then Richard Words Paul Rudd there you go yeah band so good at then Ripley is going to be I think Zoe Saldana <music> ads like Amora where she's like really pissed off about everything like all the time. I think that would be funny but that's really Ripley. I can't think of like all the female characters that we've talked about this before. I think all female characters are so tough all the time in like doc or any of them funny in Derby well tell like fat amy super awesome good one. We'll keep with that. We'll keep affecting me and Kevin Hart Yeah Perfect so that'd be voice over work anyways yeah all right so the next one from that the dead horse podcast dead horse pod on twitter area. We loved them. They make a real are dungeons and dragons park gas or tabletop R._P._G.. PODCAST but <hes> who are your favorite anime hot boys yes. That's a really good question. What is the definition of what the definition is? Anna may hot boy list. Is it like L. Like not to is one of them's the hottest the hottest the hottest and sexiest anime guys on enemy impulse dot com. Oh my Gosh Hukou is on here and I'm not GONNA lie. You guys a first time. I've ever watched naruto eyelid jet thought this character there was a female and so very confused because at like they were using like I don't know like it was before I was hipped pronouns and like I thought maybe something was up with the translation because we only watch in Japanese but that characters forty nine forty nine years old number forty nine Kashi is actually on my list. I think Akashi is one of the hottest kiss like in the league sauce gays and good say I feel like Arto did like played that up a little bit. I think how hot sauce gay as well. I think they like. We're really end either like let's make our dudes kind of this like this like you know Jalal from Fairytale Jalal by I've told you they read that right every single one of his other enemy. I can't remember what's is called. Rave master has already what rave master is go. Check it out yeah. It's fairy tale very Jalal is so high because he's got like that mystery thing going on and then he also has a hot face patio so I'm here for it. <hes> what else what about who's the do s class guy and fairy tale got eaten up by Act Malaysia got the older mysterious serious about just can't remember his name right now. Fresh is magic suck. I can't remember if you look it up because I'm like I have no idea I honestly like Nardo shouldn't be higher on the list. I'm Ben Bam right from seven deadly sins. He's sexy. Oh yeah the Fox Fox. Can the Fox guy. He's Hot Tamale as I hear airframe you'll darts. Oh Yeah Oh who's Guy who do I love from one piece. What's his name? I'm going to get his head here late the Tattoo of his jolly Roger Oh my gosh why can't shakes God I if I can have a huge huge bonus for shanks sexiest pirate even with without the are. I'll take him what I mean. He's perfect without it yeah. I'm trying to think <hes> who else from one piece I mean. Gene Sondhi I think is hot. Lucy gets hot kind of not really ooh Frankie. Frankie todd was any becomes like Super Weird Cyborg I._S.. Waitress Cyborg parties but I I mean I'm kind of into that. He blew up his entire body right. That's what happened right exactly not to number one on this list. That's kind of weird but I have another one gray. Eh speaking of fairy tale right agrees okay Trevor Belmont not necessarily an anime hot boy but enemy style Trevor Belmont Castle Vania Finger Case Richard Armitage does the voice so that and it's beautiful he so sexy. He says he would relegate you. Go Oh each ago Yup Yup Yup. I like it you go. I think out of Jones Melissa's length think out of like Nardo characters probably still sauce gay. I'll be I'll be that person. That's like sauce gays number one. I did have a thing for WHO's a metal dragon offer very tall man because you can't yell yeah good jail. I always kind of had a thing for Jill on each ego. What about age so from one punch me genius the like Cyborg Guy He's okay? I like yeah yeah yeah but that's just like a character. That's out there. What about like somebody from <hes>? He's the guy that's like super good from black clover. I can't remember yeah none of them really likes to like the leader of the Bulls whenever black goals the guy with the Yami Yami it is yeah young can get it. I love it. Yes absolutely from bleach. Maybe Ranji Yeah. I loved Renji. I do think each goes cuter who've Roy Mustang from <hes> FOMENTO alchemists see I. I haven't really washed all the way through Fulham alchemists 'cause I don't WanNa feel sad by I know you love him in. You have a hard on for him. He's Super Cool Yeah or Corinthians for hot ooh and like that whole scene so who's the other Aaron car that the green one with the dark hair. That's all EMA boy <hes> Yeah Korea he is just so sexy and like all like when he's actually fighting each you go like and he's just like has no emotion. He's like might email dream boyfriend around but also all my and I'll find it's actually like I can't remember him. Is that the racer head eraserhead. I would all over razor handle Yasha Enu Yasha Asia yes yeah. I like a good good ears. I think that's why I really liked that like a chemist kiss comedic whatever it is coming..

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