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Process to dive in to the culture of of Worcester in central mass and I feel bad little bit because Worcester. FANS ARE PASTA FAN. They've been coming to pawtucket for these fifty years again. Minor League baseball defines it as one market. That's why you have not had two minor league. Teams in wooster. One in pawtucket I simultaneously in organized baseball so I feel bad that only lately. Did we really dive into the culture of Western, but it's one. that. You learn in immediately. Is that the heart? The symbol of a heart is ubiquitous and you recognize. Is that maybe there at least three reasons that it's so valid one? Back in eighteen, forty eight, when worcester went from being a town today in a city they. Declared themselves the heart of the Commonwealth. So. They were a transportation hub They are essentially located in Massachusetts. But also right around that same time in wooster the Commercial Valentine. was invented but really the third reason is the most Tackle reason you can feel. You can touch and feel the compassion of the city. It is a city with a heart they've had tragedy with firefighters other tragedies to but losing the Worcester six. In nineteen ninety nine ripped. Ripped this city, and if you're from Worcester, everybody knows and everybody was affected Firefighters in law since including recently and so, but how the city reacts to heartbreak is heartwarming. It's a remarkably passionate and compassionate city, so the hard is ubiquitous symbol, and that's why we want back in the logo. Also. Go back to November. Twenty second nineteen, sixty three president. Kennedy is fascinated. The world mourns as the nation mourns, and in this spirit of melancholy. There was an insurance company in Worcester that new spirits were low and I think whatever they were GonNa do from a business standpoint, a merger or something like that. Prompted the head of the insurance. Company has their out agency. Can you do something to lift spirits? And they went to an artist at the AD agency gentleman named Harvey Ball Be Alo. and. He sat down at his drawing table. and. He drew a circular yellow ball circular. a circle was.

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