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Way you think Abby Hudson is leaving Fox, News for the view Huntsman currently co host FOX and. Friends weekend is set to, replace Sarah Hanes Sarah I felt the same way everyone talks about her like she's this huge star, who and I had to Google. Her I. Don't she was apparently she used to do dispatches for like the today show or on the. Weekends she was there features. Reporter I never heard of. Her never seen her on TV. Ever I don't even know if she this sort of Oculus. Blonde, yeah I. Okay I've. Seen, oh. Yeah so then she shows up on the view and I didn't know who the hell she was, there and now she's leaving because she's going to co host GMA with Michael Strahan in that last, hour Oh that's weird okay So now the new lineup on the view is, going to, be, Whoopi, Goldberg, joy Behar sunny halston never heard of her is, any host and host and she, really good, looking woman Megan McCain. And then Abby Huntsman I like how it works with. Like Megan gets feisty, I like Megan McCain. Some of our ideas, I don't agree with but at least she's spunky and I like her with with Whoopi and joy Behar when they go out and, it's kind of, fun the sunny host and she's, very pleasant and beautiful but I. Think they need another this woman. Is from Fox News I'm assuming Abby Huntsman I'm assuming she's conservative. Is so they'll need that's good because sometimes. It's, a little one-sided yeah you don't want it to be on one or five hundred zero now so that maybe she'll balance it, out a little bit but it's nice to have all the. Different views on the that's why they. Call it the view that's how many people. Have they gone through they've gone. Through a. Like twenty it's crazy they need to settle down. Picked, people and. Stick Not going to happen with it. What are you doing. Here's what they need. Walter yes Barbara there, you had someone that was in charge now it's being run by committee Barbara Walters was and is the gold standard of of woman, women and journalists, Bill Getty to Bill Getty yeah, absolutely a New York Senator is. Calling for MGM to drop its. Lawsuit against the Las Vegas mass shooting victims if it wants to. Buy Yonkers casino is this this is gonna. Hurt, MGM people renting them because they're suing now I I am very upset at the MGM it's obviously horrible publicity unless they invited, us to go spend a weekend and then I would think. About getting over my anger to go. And do the show from their possibly but. I do feel sorry for them. Because they. Had nothing to do with this nut shooting up The victim but they're gonna get sued themselves because they're gonna make the argument. Oh well you should've had TSA type of security screening at the front of your hotel does yeah Thanks if you're the hotel eleven no, one thought it, was the impossible right flying, a plane into building so this is the. First so maybe they will have all those metal protectors, and all of that detectors rather I don't know but to sue. The, victims, I don't think that's a good move publicity-wise it's not going to help their business? And Be the first. And suck it up would the Mandalay bay was built there was no outdoor concert, venue across the, street right when the architects, were were coming up with with the security. And all of that for the Mandalay bay They never anticipated that some nut would shoot into a concert venue at a space that didn't exist at the time that's exactly right but. That's not gonna stop them from suing them and. Look I understand why if you're. A, victim you go after the. Group with. The big pockets because Stephen. Paddock is dead and the apparently he lost a lot of his money? Gambling so there's. Not a lot. To go for there so? You, go for the MGM. Yeah, but. It's not their fault it's not it's absolutely not their fault but again? Is the right thing is the correct reaction to sue back I don't know I don't know I would you say there yeah he did say that oh yeah What am I asking. Of, course You there A month ago and I got the edge Go back I'll be going back this weekend do you think Lady luck Larry two-night Americans would. Rather talk, about anything, other than how much money they make even politics of course only about one in ten Americans would feel comfortable. Talking about, how much they they make it a dinner party in, fact, people, would, rather discuss, just about any, other hot, button topic romance religion medical conditions or even politics even politics even politics, at about two. Thirds of those rather talk about. Space force then The aliens are coming Lawrence Yvonne was here earlier talking about the same thing. With Dr, drew and, she said in New York everyone knows everyone so their business so if you bought an apartment in New York. And I, think I'm a little guilty of this because my friend, just, bought, a, condo in, New York and, I'm from, TV and I'm like what that's what how much that set you back Clark You. Know like. I don't I don't because I'm. Like oh I bought my house for this and now. It's triple this and I I don't think about but. I don't talk. About my salary they she said everybody, in New York says would you pay for that so what you did, they bump you up at work, are you good are you and. They ask salaries I don't ask that well it's, some shops you can't you're in violation of the contract if you talk about how much money you make, sure I didn't know that and I've, worked? In five shops that's very interesting so you wanna It's? An unwritten rule that nobody talks, about if you want, to, trick on how. To figure. Out how much someone paid for. Their house without having to ask them oh just get. The address plug it into Google Zillow what tell you. How much they. Paid for it Big closed escrow always. Do that oh my God that is so pitchy It's great Also show you the estimate of what? It's, worth yes. I did I. Saw, that yeah That's. Also, information I'm. Interested in you, know Many moons. Ago the LA times did a story on, I don't know why k-tvhe, was centered out but the on. My God the LA times loved to do they did. A lot of really positive stories on me and then a couple writers out of bug, up their, ass about me and they just you know. We're, always trying to find a good angle anyway they did this story that the men at FOX, on average earn double. What the women did including the weather, casters, so I went on, and I said well if that's the. Case I'm only doing half a forecast. Today we no longer have a five day we. Have the two and a half day forecast you've gotta have some fun with it because then things turned around. And I'm sure I was doing very well, you can't compare. Like Steve Edwards always said. You can't compare you. Just can't do it you'll drive yourself crazy I remember opening up a drawer in the weather office and I saw a, whole box of, thermometers, with, Mark Thompson's face and I said Steve look what I? Found when when will I get. My own Thermometer and I said you know what I. Want I want a rectal thermometer we did, a whole bit. On it as like this. Is how mine will. Work and he's like no please don't demonstrate oh we, had fun back then you gotta take London's and make lemonade right. John Mark Thompson, getting, history, Mamata that sexism you get a.

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