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A gift in someone's name this year If you don't obviously totally also find if you wanna maybe like share Or to with your friends. So how did. Rebecca rebecca with that girl. Why a good place to start is the i know maybe not. Everyone is familiar with rebecca which starts Originally as a book That was adapted into an alfred hitchcock. movie in one thousand nine hundred forty and it is one of alfred hitchcock like most famous films on. It's one was well regarded films. Like i know. He's very famous for psycho vertigo and rear window. But i would say this is some of his earlier work that really resonated with people and i would say is some of his best work and by opinion and the book is also a very classic novel. I read recently. So we'll also be including that as well in this little tidbits era's gonna ask me if real things in the movie versus vote. I would also recommend to read that because it's pretty short but really great book and then we have the twenty twenty adaptation. Which is kind of i would say a weird mix of kind of adapting from the bulk and then also from the one thousand nine hundred forty a film and i would say just about the toronto film. Boo was never going to have a great chance at like a analysis because of how famous alfred hitchcock one is. It's like the shadow of that movie is kind of hard to overcome. I personally watch the twenty twenty one before i watched the nineteen forty one so i have a different perspective but i think sarah thank you. Watch the nineteen forty one i. Yeah i watched it the other way around. So yeah it's real hard once you've seen that version watch another version like even if it was good or wasn't i think yeah. It has big shoes to fill. And so i think we have some thoughts on on the new one. But i also want to keep that in mind like obviously we're also comparing against like a film made by some might say master at filmmaking. So it's hard to exactly. And i think the pride and prejudice like miniseries like while i think they were able to overcome it because they took such a different route. I think rebecca twenty twenty has does not do that sufficiently enough to kind of make a difference where it's like you're just treading in the shadow of this much like. Yeah yeah and i think like i think something i realized because i also like was thinking so much about the other gothic romance movies that we have talked about reality such as crimson peak and i would say twilight which i would say the book more because i actually saw a lot of parallels between twilight and this movie and so weird ways i definitely want to talk about. You know i think the thing. I realized it's like if you're going to gothic romance. You had better know what movie or making like you know. I think that was a huge issue with this modern remake where you know so many parts of it feel a someone's instagram or feels like a lot of it. It's very like curated in not in a good way It's really interesting. It's very modern very kind of just like fill me and like i don't know there's we'll get into it. I think in more detail. But yeah i wanna talk about like gothic romance. Like as your honor. I so i think this might give people a good frame of mind. Is that you know. I would generally associated with a lot of drama like i crimson peak. If we're talking about a more recent version. Like i would say in.

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