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Our respective counties napier says he's not opposed to coordinating with the national guard but it comes down to how the plan will be implemented for npr news i'm steven seg in phoenix and that story on president trump's plans to deploy the national guard along the southern us border now onto anthony huhne's report on facebook and australia angeline folk is australia's top official in charge of privacy she points out that according to australia's privacy act companies that collect users personal information have to keep it secure and inform the users how they're collecting and managing it the investigation will consider whether facebook violated that act when they gave australian users data to the consulting firm cambridge analytica australians were among eighty seven million facebook users worldwide involved in the incident the firm is accused of using that data to influence the two thousand sixteen us elections and the british referendum to leave the european union anthony kuhn npr news beijing economic reports due out today the commerce department reports on the us trade gap for february and mortgage company freddie mac reports on this week's average mortgage rates row financial markets asian markets mixed by the closing bell the nikkei in japan up one and a half percent the hang sang down two point two percent you're listening to npr news from washington teachers in the biggest school districts in oklahoma are continuing their walkout for a fourth day over funding issues oklahoma's governor has signed a bill giving teachers a sixty one hundred dollar raise but teachers say funding for facilities in books and supplies is far too low to properly educate children meanwhile in washington teachers at anacostia high school walked out during classes yesterday angry over the condition of the building educators tell the washington post that the cafeteria was flooded in the toilets were not working they say they're action represents mounting concerns over disparities between schools in.

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