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Kaelin why why why did honestly I asked I self we need to point out the Dean's not next to her right now because deans on a new thing a kick where he's not going to do any interviews with Kaelin. He's is GonNa make their relationships really hard to get to for no other reason other than the fact that he thinks six months from now somebody might say they've never done a co interview together may May. Let's pay a ton of money. Let's let's dig in here. Okay first off We've talked about your time parrot paradise to an extent that I think you're probably even sick of. I think it's important for us to focus on anything more than where you sit right now now so let's skip ahead with all that in mind to the fact that now you are with one of our favorite people one of my favorite people people but one of the Weirdest Ah yes he sweeps you off your feet and I wanna pause here to to really ask you and I started out by asking why but I really want to ask how oh like. How did this all happen to where you're on a beach in paradise. There's beautiful people all around Dean leaves. He comes back and the thing we don't see is what's going on with that mind of yours to say this guy right here. He's in how I remember so I remember him coming down and I was just completely shocked and I was sitting next to connor who I had been dating and Connor was the one who was initially interested in meeting but dean and I hit it off and then he left and I was heartbroken crushed and still thinking about him in the back of my head and then he comes back and I was like what what are you doing here and I remember sitting down with one of my friends and I was like I'm watching this viewer and viewers are like screaming at me. They're like pit. Connor pitcock house. They were so wrong. I was like I can't hit my heart. I knew from the second game down like my heart was it was I know and you couldn't even help your smile. I love your smile was so like I really can't right now. I have to be you like girl and like really take like protect my heart but like you could not hide it. I love it and let me decide note here. My mom is super awkward in front of Cameras Amorous Dean. Are you listening to this so my mom is super awkward in front of cameras so at our wedding like you have to say something to make her laugh like we usually like quote a movie like My. Dad Jose Rainman rainman like in like in like a Dustin Hoffman voice the weirdest things you can think of and then but at the wedding leading the thing that made my mom's smile pictures was say Dean no gas all. I think that's sweet right. Also she just it's like she has. She has a crush on everyone. Does I mean everyone does even guys do that's what's so special about him is that jared just as much of a crush on and Dina's Ben as me as Kaelin Kaelin probably has ever so he comes down those stairs here. Kalem and you're a woman who sought after Paradise your relationship. What was it about like okay. What was it during that time between windy left ending came back like hide your heart ever left him because here's the thing I've only met you once and it was at the wedding and I didn't know this. I don't if you remember this but the very first thing I said would just can I showed up to the wedding was hey. Where's Dean and I asked you randomly didn't have any clue and you go. He left eft last night. which was my birthday but that's a lot that's the first and last time? I've seen that was it so I watched back and I had a clue. Do you guys have gotten back together. I had heard a rumor. I had no clue how wet I had no idea how he came back why you said yes because the last time I saw your in tears at a wedding after he left yes the That wedding was brutal. I cried a lot and I don't no no it. It was as much as I wanted it to be connor and I wanted I wanted to basically replace deny had with someone else in that didn't work and the second he walked down. I was like Yep. He tried to like hold my hand and I was like no and I'm like I'm GonNa pretend like I'm mad at you and I am. You have to milk it for a little while. Yeah Yeah here it. He has to say away and here. We are now. We guys are cute. You ever think about what your kids is will look like I scare him with marriage and children all the time. There's nothing more than what is this reaction. When you start talking about marriage and children it was like all right. I'm out but dean would be the best data of all time one will be ready for it but he has to be. I know probably fifty but he's okay Killin Ceylan. Let's backtrack a little bit here because we just saw paradise. We just saw you leave paradise. it was a roller coaster of sorts of the whole thing before the show ever happens for. Are you as soon as you hit our. TV screen became an instant like fan favorite. You became known in every House that watch the bachelor at the time before for the show even happened. Would you've ever expected your life would be where it is today. In in what it looked like back then compared to now. Oh Gosh it's so different so I was living being in North Carolina and I love North Carolina but always knew like I wanted to live in a bigger city and just bill anything in Charlotte North Carolina's banking and I just wasn't very happy happy there so from the show said he was like everyone who goes on our show is unhappy with their life in just some smaller large way and so I was just unhappy because my life and that's why I went on the show and funny enough like a year and a couple months ago idea and dean and here I am dating him now a couple of months ago go you saw him on TV and thought he was Q. I can't I can't do this. Is this is why he's doing it so let's let's explain a little bit here. Yes you saw on TV you. Dm Him what so he was. I followed him and he was traveling through Asia and I was like Oh my gosh you're going on vacation. I literally just went on and TDM's back in their inbox uh-huh and this story. I don't even know maybe July June early summer spring of last year before you were officials before yeah before I was cast and I just always thought he was attractive and it's just it's crazy to think like how how we've come full circle now we've been dating for three months and he makes me happy most of the time I don't WanNa leave this yet though because it's a big deal like a really cute thing so I messaged my girlfriend now just going in serum so that's we met as I found her picture at a sporting event that I wasn't and I said Hey you're a top post location. I would I would love to meet you if you're single in if you're interested interested and now we've been dating ever since this instagram thing is is really awesome to me and I don't want to just leave here because you spotted dean. He deems back. was there anything further that happened or is it just kind of like hey. I'm not going to go on the show. Hopefully one day beat him. We were meeting. We were supposed to meet for coffee and if you know Dan you know that he bails on everything so we build on our coffee date and we DM D- probably at the end of my season after that briefly and then he deemed me when I was in Morocco and so there is like a slight thing like a flirting a little bit like it was like yeah we met once in real life and he he's portrayed a little bit shorter on television and then I met him in person. I was like Oh my gosh. She's so much taller than I thought he'd be. You and I was stunned by is in his just so charming and yeah so really one of a kind yeah. I think people can understand it somewhat through TV but when you see when you meet him in real life you're like I've never met another specimen like you. Yes I'm like what is it. We we just went to two together and these girls on the beach were like just obsessed with judging me for being with animals like. I know I have no makeup on but like whatever and they asked that he went to go. Take photos an ocean and they're like will you take a photo of with your camera and I was like I'm right here. uh-huh kidding. That's awesome. Can we talk about this. One thing that we didn't talk about last time. Kayla was on the podcast. It's super embarrassing towards me. She one time watch me competing paget. Who did I did Miss Virginia. I was is doing a preliminary for Miss Miss Virginia and this was right before news this this was right before I was cast on the bachelor officially yeah. I I think I had maybe not gone to casting weekend yet but I had my flight settlers and I like I remembered asking girls exit. It's like if I win this preliminary. Should I do this or the bachelor. What's the like. What does she made the right choice. Budgets are great and I've learned so much from them but I don't know the bachelor just so fun like a once in a lifetime experience with like your best friends and now here's what they gotta do is. We got to sit in a room like this. At the I heart music festival at the planet Hollywood and say like life is really awesome like we're with our friends and and we're having fun and we're going to see a great event and we're talking about life like this doesn't happen without a really crazy show that we've all been able to be a part of and I think that's that's awesome here. Okay I have one follow quite early. Dean and then we're done with Dean okay. Does he still bail once. You're in a relationship ooh does he. I don't think so I think he's pretty I think my expectations are low. Okay okay okay. I like this. It's a great boyfriend okay Libya. Let's talk honestly here okay. He's not the best communicator he's getting better at. It sounds like the Kinda and a guy that we actually have a game for. We have one hundred percent of the time. The newlywed game the game a very very quick fashion. It could be three questions each okay. We're going to match them up. At the end. We asked the room please for a second what was wasn't Dean's last big purchase on his credit card. ooh parachute a parachute. Take Care Yeah if he's not looking at your instagram profile and apparently he doesn't think that you guys should follow each other uh-huh instagram. Is he creeping on ooh. That's a good one probably photographers accounts announcer like travel accounts but he does creep on like everyone from the bachelor to which is very broad but he's always on his phone. He's never not on his phone is not the most annoying it's so nice. You're the same way it drives me crazy. I I'm like you. I put it down on it that much. No it's like. I know what I'm GonNa do right now as he pulled his the following Kaelin so I have something on Dean girlfriend. I'M GONNA call his girlfriend. Sorry okay well. This is a really really obvious one I think..

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