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With you. What's up jay anthony brown. Don't you hit the snooze. Get back to work. Don't you hear that snooze. The sat bid genius. Absolutely this day. You give fat level day you get five and what would you have to go all the way in to get pride when they could just You assume tow but right on Nobody will lose job labor day. We don't move your job. do play about me. You'd him but all this me meet me to cook some put away your white. Put away you white okay. What did that come from. Where i don't know from people in in the east north west midwest and places like that can wear white before memorial day or after avenue at what about people in california to adhere day christmas day. You'll see a white linen. Texas and florida florida to white bill to white shoes. Yes you with the curve. What with the curve at the tip the white l. shoes know you'll see the strang up gates the atom. You'll see that in the romance on. Yes yes and i like it. I like wearing white in the winter due to win a right they have. Was that timing said it again. God when a white i don't know what that is with mudlark quinquina white sick this and winter white. You went away a win white so with you have big plan for the holiday meet. Meet the plan. You're you're going to barbecue tommy on you. I am cooking bit but you know what. Why are we particularly by everybody. Don't get the real i. Can we hide the real that we what take a whole tree and put them away. Keep them over there. Talk all right coming up at thirty two minutes after the hour. we'll do a little bit of ads. Bittermann no. He's not gonna help you right after this. You're listening to morning. Show guys time now to ask bidermann bidermann what. I'm not going to help you. I know you're looking at the radio going rule. I might get some help. no you know. Why is that jay. That's not what. I'm here for what you know what i do here. We go well. Sorry joanne in fort worth this one's from you joanne rights. I've been engaged for eleven years. My fiance is a veteran with the few health issues. And when i pick date for our wedding he always has had some kind of medical. Emergency depend dimic. Mets up our wedding plans last year. The now we're scheduled to get married november twentieth last week. He got a call from the. Va thing. He's approved for knee replacement surgery and it's scheduled for mid october. He said he's sorry but we will have to wait for. The wedding is trying to avoid marrying me. I don't see ladies can figure this out. You know at that age. You can just pick all kinds of stuff. My hip my knees. I my neck. My my my fingers. He just going to go on and on the net. He don't wanna marry you. He wanna be jew but he don't want to marry you and all about big tone is up you know given that get married to thrive in this come on. Get out of the ain't no way we do it. Dismal a- all right moving on i i. I don't think i'm going to be able to make happy all at the all. Right terry and columbia. We're moving on columbia south carolina j. hometown. Oh yeah i've been married to wonderful man for a long long time and we raised four children. I worked full time and he retired early from teachings. When our youngest daughter went to college he turned her room into an art studio and he decided to pursue his passion as a painter sits in the room and paints all day and night and the paintings are terrible. He wants to hang his artwork in our house and he's always nagging friends to buy a painting. I do. I break it to him. That his artwork thug when he jay. Somebody just snatches yo dream just takes it bring steps on dreams. Net an artist minardi been there. Well let me show our. Nobody bless him for showing. I mean you've gotta hang one piece on the refrigerator in the bathroom. Something you gotta pull one ugly. As piece of i mean to one could say what would you say here with. Everybody can go garage. No ride turn a few corners. I know you can put in put a lot of light of. They're put in the attic. Really nice but put it up in ad. Put one piece up in you know. Put it into garage but put it on the ceiling. You ready call michelangelo painted on yet. Yeah yeah we don't believe that right room. I stay put in a beautiful frame and hanging somewhere nice than we saw you say just by the sound of it. Sounds like from another art. It just sounds like it's none of his friends bought any all right. We're moving onto anonymous in the usa. Anonymous rights. i know junior doesn't like it when men complain so i didn't leave my name. I've been dating a woman for six months. And she was fine at first then she got very messy over time and her car is disgusting. She got used to me filling it up with gas and washing it weekly but it's been raining a lot lately so just gas it up and take it back. She hasn't cleaned out in weeks. And i refuse to do it. She's got a housekeeper so that's the only reason her house is clean out..

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