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About Palm Springs who? Oh right joining me today. Come back to the show I know for him. It feels like it's been forever. It's our good Buddy Jason Harris from awesome movie, or how's it going? Hey, dave, doing fine. Guys just chill out. I know you're sending a lot of hate mail. Dave for not having on, but but he's trying you know. Let's give them a chance. So how are you sit up email filters to block it all out because otherwise I wouldn't be missing my mailing lists. I'm doing all right I'm doing good. I am excited to talk about this movie. I think it's going to be a really fun to talk about. Palm Springs a a lonely island. Classics Feature One of the many classics from the island probably. You Know I. do like this lonely island classics. Maybe we'll, we'll move more into that realm of weird strange indies, and maybe you have some other lonely island. Pictures on your list here I. Don't know for your your puzzle pieces Dave possibly I guess we'll see as we get into, but you know before we start getting into pieces, I do want to ask you I've been asking my guests lately it's. It's kind of a new thing. What made them want to cover this one with me, I? Obviously, it's being a comedy. I know your big comedy guy? Is that the main thing that stood out with you for this one is being lonely island and all that I don't think it was that I think it comedies, part of it but I do like this like resurgence of Rom coms or seeing on streamers. I know Dave how we all we all know how you feel about the streamers, but look romantic comedies at a more. Let's say not even an independent level, but at a lower budget level even in mainstream seems to have died a few years ago and then major comebacks with Hulu and Netflix and I'm so glad there's John. revived because I think that's where stuff that we grew up with stuff like bef- before sunrise stuff like that that that means so much to our development is movie fans. That's where these things would live now so. I'm I'm really excited that? This genre has really kind of exploded on the streamers. I think that makes a lot of sense. Yeah, while I'M NOT GONNA. Get into the fact that I think the majority of the romantic comedies on streaming I've seen. Have you know left a little bit to be desired? Still? This is one of the good ones foreshore and. I think get into some puzzle pieces and we might as well just to get it out of the way. Let's just go with the groundhogs day and. Talk about that for a second. That's the end of my list. Okay, we're done finished. scrounge deep of all the time loop movies. Probably is the best one like you know. A lot of people consider it a perfect movie. Scripts did whole breakdown on it. If you ever listen to that podcast, which is a great for screenwriters but yeah, I mean that's Bill Murray at his best right, and just reliving that day, and all the things that come with it, and you know when he has the knowledge that he's going to be reliving the day the way he replays. Ahead Dade Ryerson. Classic. Is that stuff? Yeah, no, it's it's. It's the best of the genre right I mean that's. The ideal time loop comedy and I mean I watched it again a few years ago and it's still holds up. It's great. It's unavoidable to talk about when you're talking about any time loop movie like really like Whether whether the movie leans into the comedy, the Romance, the horror or whatever it is, that's always gonNA. Come up in one of these kind of movies because it really did just kind of I. Don't know if it came up with that. I'm sure there's probably something that preceded it, but it certainly perfected it if it didn't come up with on its own. On my pieces. I have an older film that I don't even know if you've ever seen, but it's. It's more time travel than time loop, but yes I agree with you. That groundhog is the ideal time loop movie, and and honestly like. Just awesome comedy movie. It's a great deal. The Absolute Alzheimer for sure if we ever get to ninety three on. Awesome movie. I'm sure we'll be doing it. I think so I think that would be one even if we didn't have any I mean that might be your personal or minor, whoever, but that would be one that like? We did in one, thousand, nine, hundred nine, and we kind of Said Hey, are we missing anything seminal from the year? And we and we said do the right thing. We have to cover I. think that's how much groundhog day means to the comedy genre. For sure well, what? What do you got for your next puzzle piece I? Mean since I already alluded to let me go with a nineteen sixty two French film. That wasn't really feature, but wasn't necessarily a short. It's Kinda in between. If. You've studied film history. You might have seen it in class or whatever, but it's a seminal film in regards to filmmaking Christopher Markers Lajja Tae. You've seen twelve monkeys. That's what twelve monkeys based on and I think it's I want to even call it pro French new wave like right before the French wave broke big, but it's dislike very dark, bleak desolate. Apocalyptic Tale after World War three, and like the government is trying to work on time travel, and they send this prisoner back and forth throughout time, and he has a romance in the past, and then they're gonNA. Kill him in the present and the future. People say they're going to save them like. There are all these kind of interesting pieces that go along with it. It's an amazing movie, and it's all stills and narrated over stills, but But yeah like you know the the way that Palm Springs without. Spoiling it you, you might see some creatures from the past in there. You know and everything and. They talk about the quantum physics of if of time travel, and and how one would escape it so I i. don't think you could talk about any time. Travel movies without without going all the way back to Lajja Tae. Guessing, you haven't seen it I have not seen it. No, it sounds much heavier in terms. To say the least, but but yeah, it sounds like it like that. That's where it came from the time. Travel the time loop kind of kind of idea. Yeah, it's heavy. It's definitely not a ROM COM buddy, but there is there are romantic elements in there, and it's just an amazing film, and like I haven't looked up what it's available on, but. It's totally I highly recommend it. Well, I, only have one other time loop movie on my list. Otherwise I was going to shy away from loop movies I did want to bring up happy death day to you specifically the sequel because and you know spoiler for everything we talk about on this show. We will be getting into spoilers, but in order to to escape the loop are our main character in this movie Sarah she ends. Ends up using her time her unlimited time to learn physics and come up with a plan to get out of the loop, and that is kind of what happens in happy. Did they to you as well where our main character decides to go on a big studying montage to learn physics and figure out some kind of plan I mean if you're gonNA, steal steal from the best baby. I never saw happy. But I know it's Scott I know people like it so. I guess there are how many other ways can you break a time loop right there? Yeah, in this movie like you said You talked about groundhog's Day. You have to live the perfect day or What is it so yeah, you're going to be re repeating tropes in their exactly. There's no way to escape it you either. It's one of the other really when it comes down to it. But what do you have your next piece? Okay, Dave I'm surprised. This isn't on your list because I know you're such a fan of his, but. Ryan Johnson's looper. I considered including it, but I did not, but absolutely one of the great looping movies and I think that's why. I put it on their, not necessarily because it reminded me. Anything, you know other than time cop which Jean Claude van Damme, but. which is not on the list, but should be on every list for any type of movie, but no, I put loop around there because of all the time movies. In, the last decade..

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