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Know is a gambling problem called the Virginia problem gambling helpline At 8 8 8 5 three two three 500 8 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s to marry de pampa in the traffic center All right we're going straight toward Virginia and taking I 66 John We've got three things now in a row If you're heading outbound on the Roosevelt bridge you were getting by works on a single lane now within that lane there was a crash to watch for possible police direction we saw in our camera shot they had stopped traffic hopefully to move that out of the way but again outbound Roosevelt bridge single lane with a crash in a construction zone Now continuing farther west on 66 once you've passed the glee road exit 71 stay right This is a new accident police were on the scene crashes being towed away as we speak but again stay to the right to get by for safety no big delays here We're going to check 66 from the from front royal and heading eastbound all the way into Rosalind and I've got nothing The only thing to note is on westbound 66 the ramp that goes to string fellow both directions they should have that ramp close their demolishing the string fellow overpass this weekend as long as the weather holds that means both sides of string fellow underneath of 66 a single lane would be getting by Nothing on the Virginia side of the beltway they find the disabled vehicle outer loop after the little river turnpike safely to the right shoulder and 95 still runs well there's a slowdown south across the Purple Heart bridge at the academy It's usually a weekend slowdown Nothing has been reported near one 23 but use caution anyway we might find something new We're going to move into Maryland where it's about the same interstate travel light or one work zone on the beltway was the outer loop after kennel worth avenue exit 23 move out of the right lane for safety North on I two 95 passing oxen cove one went over the guard where this morning watch out on the right side The new crash in the district northeast eastern avenue between Riggs and chillum watch for police direction southern avenue closed between Wheeler road and Chesapeake street This is due to police activity With the new monopoly scratch offs and fast play games from the Maryland lottery the money you can win is not pink and yellow it's green up to a $1 million And you could also win a second chance second chance cash real fun for real money Please play responsibly married upon the WTP traffic And here's storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller Near 60 and other mild day across the region for your Saturday clouds will increase this afternoon snow develops after midnight between one and two inches of snow as possible Snow is going to wrap up here by midday tomorrow.

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