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Gallon hike will be too. Much for constituents especially all at once dot says he increase approved by the house would not be enough to avert a budget deficit in their department and Ohio Senator wants all schools in the state to adopt was called the sandy hook promise, a set of standards to prevent violence and suicide eighty percent at the students tell someone prior to doing a violent act state Senator Gayle manning and north ridgeville Republican introducing legislation requiring training in all schools to help students and teachers pinpoint potential violence or threats of suicide Lee Armbruster is a principal in Manning's hometown. And describes when a student is told by another they're considering something drastic say something how do you do that without feeling that you are breaking the trust of of another student? The training called the sandy hook promise would provide mental tools for students at the state house. Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN or Kelly's banking custody in Chicago this time after appearing in court for unpaid child. Support has crisis manager Darrell Johnson tells ABC news also expects Kelly. Fight the newest allegations of sexual abuse. He's apologized mistakes. He's made. Do we take blame for some of the stuff that he's done? He said, yes. So, but he also proclaimed his innocence Kelly's expected to remain in custody until he pays you one hundred sixty one thousand dollars. He owes a new sexual abuse. Accusations are from a woman in Detroit who says Kelly had sex with her in two thousand one when she was thirteen years old, Franklin county grand jury indicted, a woman who shot and killed her sister last month and he's Columbus. Thirty five year old Lawrence is accused of shooting. Her sister in the head outside a whole money's thirteenth avenue. February twenty third thirty two year old Sade career guard Kerry Gardner later died. Ours is now facing two counts of murder she'll be back in court for arraignment March twentieth. President Trump's former campaign boss facing sentencing today for financial crimes more than a year after special counsel, Robert Muller, secured an eighteen count indictment against Paul Manafort. He faces the first of two sentencing hearings jury in Virginia found Manafort, guilty of eight counts and prosecutors agreed with the findings of an independent pre sentence report that said Manafort deserves up to twenty five years in prison. Manafort, then faces sentencing next week in Washington where he pleaded guilty to additional charges. Brought by the special counsel. That's ABC's. Aaron Katersky congresswoman retreated to leave says by the end of the month. She'll follow resolution to launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump called for Trump's impeachment several times, including once when she used a curse word to describe the president democratic leaders in the house, however, say they're in no rush to impeach Trump radio. Six ten WTVN sports basketball with an ugly night at northwestern. They never lead shot only twenty six percent and loose sixty eight to fifty NCWA hopes maybe on the line in the regular season finale Sunday against Wisconsin Buckeye football opening spring practice yesterday. I practice on the Ryan day. It's being a football. A lot of activity for the arena league's Columbus destroyers, and we'll hear from their coach Matt Salk he talks with Joel in ten minutes..

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