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The night of the election, called him and and congratulated Donald Trump and conceded the election even though it was Very tight. Dunas well travelled probably even tighter, certainly tighter in Michigan, so That's a big big difference. So, um That's one point of mine to make the other guy. I think I think that's an important point to make. And it's it's the gracious way to bow out when you when you lose, But by the same token, if Hillary had felt that there was some massive corruption at the polls, don't you think we would have heard about it from her? I mean, don't you think she would have done the exact same thing Donald Trump has done? Perhaps like I pictured that I've pretty much picture that on both sides of the aisle for any candidate. I would see that all right, the other point to make about the the threats of love. I mean, Accusations of corruption. Certainly in Detroit, Let's talk about Detroit, our hometown here. There were Republican representatives in the room. Why don't people ask them what went on? I mean to me and then to stay, Okay? They were covering it up covering up the windows and all this stuff will help me, don't you? You can't have 1600 people all riled up coming in. When you're trying to count votes, it makes total sense, not the left. There is already Republicans there, so there's some some concern. Yes, the Republican representatives that were there and if if if the Republicans didn't pick the right people to be there, while I mean shame on them, So all this concern now is because Trump. Certainly appears to be behind on the boat. So now there are all these people were running down. I mean, their time to do that was before the time to do that was the pick your rough, you know, representative that were there. And what do those people say? I mean, why don't we talk to them? I mean, I just wait Did though I mean, think about what I think about one of the poll watchers that we talked to years. Patrick Cole back. Former state senator, Former candidate for governor in Michigan. And and he was there, and he said he wasn't allowed into AA to witness the vote counts and that this was going on against the Republicans who were there to watch and that they were not allowed access into into that T C F O T Center. So You know, you know he was He was already he was a He's a former. He's a former. He's an engineer. He's a former state senator and former candidate.

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