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On Twitter, DEA on CBS Again D A on CBS or dial me up. Trash lines are open all morning long 855 to 12 for CBS. That's 855 to 124227. Coming up this morning on the show. Uh, Spencer Haywood is going to join us. We had him locked in a couple of weeks ago. He had to reschedule, so we'll finally get around to have expense or here on this show, which is cool. He's a basketball hall of favor. And an MBA finals champion as well and an Olympian, so he's got a lot of great experience that he could weigh in on this year's NBA postseason as we put a wrap on that the other night as the Lakers, of course when their 17th and be a championship Spencer Haywood will join us coming up in our number four. Also today will tackle a big week of the SEC. Have Obama versus Georgia, a top five match up, although what does Bama's defense look like? And why does it not look like the traditional dominant Alabama defense is the past. Can you G et exploit. It will discuss coming up an hour from now. Also, Dak Prescott. What's his time? Land look like after he goes down to that gruesome injury on Sunday, and now the Cowboys turn to Andy Dalton. Arthur Blank speaks out about the firing of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. And so what's it going to look like the next step for the Atlanta Falcons? And last night we had the NLCS in the A. L. C s and the Rays could be on their way to saving America. All of that coming out this morning on the show, Plus your Morning favorite likes done to a news. This dated mothership history and so much more. Oh, and there's one more thing that I just want to get to coming up in this morning show a little over an hour from now. We're gonna turn the page back 15 years to morass his senior year at West Babylon High School on Long Island, New York, It was this year where morass fancied himself as a bright shining star in the upcoming Sports media world he had written for the school newspaper he had had Charismatic four years at West West Babylon High. Winning all types of of Friends and admirers with a Quick joke here. Funny quip there and overall, just being a guy amongst campus Big man on campus, both literally and figuratively. At this time, there were senior superlatives, You know, best dressed best looking most likely to be famous. All this type of stuff. There happened to be one category in West Babylon high that you probably did not have. Baby. This was Some type of foreshadowing of Morales is career They had one Senior superlatives that I know I didn't have in my high school and I don't know any high school that's ever had it. Most likely to host a talk show. Now more as of course, in 2005, you might imagine. Of course, his my destined for celebrity and greatness at that point in time, so it was no surprise when the West Babylon High School yearbook staff had collected the votes and he was in the top two. Well, the way that they decided things back in this era. This salad years. This Healtheon era of your West Babylon high was they would take the two highest vote getters. Tabs were open for everybody. The votes were open for everybody rise was one of the top two alongside a colleague but the name of Justin Stroker. Well, now that they were in the top two, there was one final vote. Everybody had the top two and then they would vote again. And Much like the 69 Metz. Much like one of the greatest Cinderella stories ever. Justin stroke or upset. Arise in one of the most amazing ballots. Ever. You thought there were historical ramifications on over the third this year, it was nothing compared to the senior superlatives in 2005 West Babylon High, Justin Stroker had pulled out a miraculous win shocking the Morales family. It sent Shawn into a deep depression, a nose dive that he's never quite recovered from views, just stroke her as his life Long rival. So a little bit like Michael Jordan in the last dance finding Motivation everywhere. Everybody had wronged him. It's what Morales looks at every single day, which is why He is a career built on Accuracy built on work ethic built on a never led up attitude. It is why he is just incredibly focused on the goal at hand is because Justin stroke or 15 years ago. Took his senior superlatives. Well today. One hour and 13 minutes from now, Justin Strokers going to join us here on this show. Dead. We've had Joe Montana. Barry Sanders. Some of the heroes of mine growing up Jerry Rice. We've had Tim Tebow join us on the show. We've had Patrick Mahomes join us on the show. We have had some of the greatest athletes ever. Join us here on this show we had can Griffey Junior, join us on this show? I don't think I've ever been more nervous and excited for an interview that I am to know that Justin Stroker. Is going to join us. So please, Mark it down. Everybody October the 13th 2020 the D a show. But its apex Hennessy.

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