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Welcome to who weekly the podcast where you learn everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't i'm bobby finger iin lindsay weber and this is my new of her name is betsy liam neeson the iranian by the time that i didn't give you've rushing to shield betsy on the podcast you'll have to give me permission it's both of our podcast so betsy in case you didn't know who betsy as you'd just declare none of you know who betsy as mellano if at the if you'd like that was that the is that sees this for welsh singer and her name as betsy her stage name as betsy her name is elizabeth humphrey where did you hear betsy at a panara are something newnan and now i heard it at a coffee shop in my neighborhood that usually plays the worst music the worst musical the time and then they certainly heard this this angel that sounds like a mix between share and any lennox annie lennox drag queen any let x is what she sounds like mom all caps betsy her name is elizabeth humphrey she's from wales and this is great all you can about betsy as this first senate's of her wicked pedia first two sentences okay betsy was raised on a rural goose farm in never in wales for mother vodka crews wage late dragway wing her mother bought the goose business next to their home and subsequently moved it to their house wayne wanted jordan sergeant save up as the that's my fair thing.

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