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In washington and i'm kelly mcevers in culver city california the federal conspiracy trial of a high profile antigovernment activist was supposed to start today but it has been delayed nevada rancher klevan bundy two of his sons and another militiamen are accused of leading armed standoff against federal agents back in two thousand fourteen it all started when the bunte's refused to pay fees to graze their cattle on public land in pierce kirk cigarette joins us now from outside the las vegas courthouse were lawyers were expected to give their opening arguments today hey kirk hello kelley so what why the delay well what has to do with this dispute i guess you could call it over footage from an fbi surveillance camera that was at that two thousand fourteen standoff that really hadn't been much of a focus until now in this was a big surprise here we have been waiting for a year and a half for opening statements to begin and then the judge ordered federal prosecutors to provide the court with more details about the this video and proved that there is nothing serious enough in it you know that could change the trial is this video or could it be a gamechanger in the trap i mean that's an open question um i think you could look at this as just another twist that might show that the government's case here's shakya there's been a lot of pressure for a conviction here again the bunnies especially since clements sons amnon ryan were of course acquitted for leading and other armed standoff over public lands up in oregon uh the defense's filed motions for a miss trial which i think kelly is still unlikely but you know the idea that there may be this not until now disclosed footage from a federal surveillance video really placing the the hands of the bunte's and you know their conspiracy theories supporters who already don't trust the government the police have been on trial before we know that they're pretty theatrical what was the scene like in the courtroom today well we saw the 71yearold klevan bundy in a red prison jumpsuit he was wearing black reading glasses he had a copy of the.

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