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Today. The Atlanta Falcons stop practicing yesterday. America's listening Fox do like www. PC Mobile News on the level on the go closing their facility Sonny and 41 downtown. I'm Kirk Darling, Here's what's trending at 10 0 to the Indianapolis Colts, saying several individuals within the organization have tested positive for Corona virus. Cole's not saying if any of those who have tested positive for players or coaches, they're supposed to play the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday. If this ends up being confirmed, or, you know, we'll see how it plays out. But maybe the Colts are looking at a Monday or Tuesday night game this week. Kevin Bowen of 93, 5 and 1075 the fan Right now, the game is still on as planned for one o'clock Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis will continue capacity limits on bars and restaurants for the time being, but high schools may soon go back to normal, Eric Berman reports. What kind of health Director Virginia Cain said the same target for schools and bars. Positivity rates below 5%. The rate has been hovering just above that. But Cain says high schools have held steady at five or six cases per day, Boy There are crying shoulder city. So where for? Cain says the county will consider changes over the next week or two. But she says the number of new cases among adults has been rising. Herrick Berman 93 IBC Mobile Me Dr. Woody Myers, who's running for governor on the Democratic ticket, says Governor Holcomb needs to clamp down again on bars and restaurants in order to contain the spread of Corona virus. Six teenagers hit hurt in a crash early this morning in Hendricks County. Ashley Fowler. Reports car was headed south on County Road 75 west when it went off the road and hit a utility pole to passengers were flown to the hospital with serious injuries..

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