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Right like how i contributed to this. There are more bought in and your literally helping do that. Yeah every single. Friday absolutely another thing too is You know you invested in your team. So what was really cool. I got to meet your team a couple of months ago as flu monitor all day sales training event to brandon. And i think ryan right There's a lot of people that do that is really interesting. Is that because sales is kind of hard to measure but there's people that are investing team so like you didn't come right but you set your team and they came. Yeah so that was really admirable. Yeah they're able to do that well. And that's how. I i know the value. I wanna keep people around. Yeah i know. A lot of people say that. They're invested in and want financial freedom for their team but are they actually showing it. So another thing we do is every second or third creative deal. So this is either a seller finance ab- too low money down. They get to keep for themselves. No fee no nothing. that's awesome. Yeah that was something that i learned from matthew simmons. Yeah right and we're incorporating same exact thing as well so that's that's pretty cool. Yeah so then. For twenty twenty one. How much wholesaling are you do. How much flipping unit or is it. Just everything's now so we're still fl- Wholesaling about forty percent. Okay so then we flip the other thirty and then keep the other thirty. Yeah and that's a great point So you're keeping three out of ten. Yeah this kind of is hard to maintain that discipline right because we talked about your average profits. Forty six thousand. Yep how do you maintain the discipline to keep as a rental knowing. That is forty six thousand. I think this is it goes into into a discussion about money not having Total power influence over you. Which i think is really phenomenal thing but also i don't wanna see when i see that amount of money in my bank account. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't like it does. It's not doing anything it's making me feel like. I don't really need to work as hard. So i don't like to see huge amounts of money in in my account because it's it's more motivating to not have it there. Yeah so. I mean just as simple as that. Psychologically i think that's a great point because there's another agent my office right at the top producing you know killing it in for him. He's just like he wakes everyday like is broke. The how'd you wake up with. That might say i program that in my mindset to be broke every day because that's what compels him totally to work hard totally and i just hate paying taxes. Why so. And that's the thing to whenever i do a wholesaler flip. I'm losing forty percent right away. Uncle sam goosey exactly. So if i keep it as a rental and i'm cash-out refiling I mean we just did a deal this year where i bought it at two sixty five put. Nothing in and it just appraised for five. Oh four so..

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