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Now is a man who's been on the show before and has been electric a man who's a part of a defense that has been absolutely dominant a two time two time superbowl champion. Looks like he has a very fresh fade with a fresh beard. And I think I heard a baby ladies and Gentlemen Calvin from there we go I like it daddy daycare today off. I got my son. We're hanging out Tuesday so it's the Ogden reviving. What is your son's name? trae legend under that name. That is one of my favorite names. I've ever heard mine mine tire life. I might change. I want to name my kid MIDAS or Maximus or doctor or a lot of things. Doctor you speak it into existence. You're all you're on the right track. Dr Legend McAfee would be a hell of a name. Mr Van Noy okay. Hey let's talk about your Patriots team. You guys have been dominant on the defensive side of the ball and special teams. The offense is still finding their groove. What what is the message inside the locker room? Just win however we need to win or is the Defense Gal. We know that the offense hasn't found yet they will at some point. Let's just keep doing our thing. Yeah I think you you said a right there. It's find a way to win. It doesn't matter In our organization we believe that at at the end of the day stats. Don't really matter all that matters is a w and that column and that's what we strive for each and every week Offense is getting better each and every week the defense is holding strong special teams. It's holding strong. We know Tom Brady's the go we know he's going to get those guys going We're just GONNA continue to keep doing our part. I mean anytime you have guys like hightower Jamie Collins Myself and then our boys the best corner in the league. Stefan Gilmore. WHO's playing out of his mind? Were blessed to be in the position. We're in and we hope to continue that Patrick Greatness. He had more receptions than Amari Cooper this past weekend was the was the mindset now granted the Patriots had rivas in the past to where it was the same thing like. Hey we'll just let him take care of guy is the mindset likes the phone Gilmore's going eliminate their best guy. We just know that I know every every week. I just put an X.. Through that receiver or I shouldn't say eggs. I just put a lock around. Beaulieu lock commend. He's playing really well. And you know anytime. You have a player like that. WHO Doesn't speak it's insane But I feel like I get. Ah The most out of him either. He definitely talked a lot of me. So that's good but I'm happy. He's on our team. He's playing really really damn good football. Dang good football you you can say damn you just can't say the shoot the on by the way the FCC rules makes zero sense. It makes no sense to be two thousand nineteen eighteen. You can't say sh boots also things that don't make sense to me. Matthew Slater that Guy Somehow is around the ball at all all times when it comes to special teams once he like in that locker room. Great Leader an even better person to me. I think he deserves a golden jacket jacket I Call I call them gold jacket either. I I think he's one of the best teammates. It's leaders there are in the NFL. I mean his charisma and his willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team each and every week Is Amazing. You should see. His speech is pretty epic. They're up there with yours. Wednesday wants you to him after the game locker room. Yeah after the game. And he says Some insightful well received message after the game each and every game doesn't matter if we win lose his perspective on life is unreal and unmatched. And I'm I'm really glad I get to learn from him. Each and every day is impressive. Humid wow so these. Just as good off the field as he is on it because he changes the game and a special teams. Yeah he's HE'S A. I'd say he's better off. I mean the magnitude him and his wife do you in the community Is relationship with the man upstairs and him. Preaching Christianity is amazing. I've I haven't met anybody. Anybody like him really good humid pretty big season for him coming up by the way birthday around a corner for leaking of you guys is now. It's post Thanksgiving. Almost Bill Belichick has said that his teams need to be humming post thanksgiving. What can you guys fix to become even better? He goes. Yeah well football after Thanksgiving real.

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