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The most amazing answers to like all my questions. I've never been skydiving some credible. You know earlier when I asked you about fear do you have any irrational fears like beside you know I mean death feels pretty rational. Irrational Pretty. Fearless I've always been daredevil jumping out of a plane that many times and just things I do I feel I have been through so much that nothing really scares me. Okay, but what about bees I hit us I don't know anyone who likes peas maybe beekeepers honey out of them but I has you know how opposites attract. I really like bees watch. You're not scared of them. No no I'm not even stone. Yeah And you liked them. Paris I like bees so much that when I was a kid I ordered in the mail, a bumblebee nests lico all like wooden. Container and you have to. Find. Like wild mouse nesting to attract the Queen bumble bee when she comes out of. Hibernation in the spring. Okay what about your a rustling or a shadow in the backyard would be terrified if someone was in the backyard. A one time a couple years ago. This man was like four thirty in the morning and I could hear this loud banging and I went downstairs and there is this man in my backyard. which was banging on my windows to my living room and just trying to get in Paris. What did you do? I was freaking out and my boyfriend at the time was with me. Thank God and he had a gun. So he went outside the gun to the jazz had a call. The police took an hour to come, and then the police came and they talked to him and I was standing there and he he said I just escaped from a mental institution I went to Hollywood Boulevard I bought a star map. I saw Paris Hilton's name I. Know that she has a lot of money thousand. I was GONNA come here and killer, and he just set it like it was a normal thing. So that was to refine..

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