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Iran to 250 an averaging ten strikeouts for nine annex iv ever that's how good he has been so forget the nearly twenty homers use allowed look at the rest of the numbers he is still the best pitcher in baseball no arguments with that approach in our guest right now another going to talk about he wasn't allstar this year for the first saw justin turner us having a heck of a season obviously you qualify right now otherwise he will be leading the league with batting average but where do the work submergence come from the last few years from him were throughout his career he was the okay player at best in all of a sudden is like the dodgers found some uh some gold here right again this is the beauty of baseball this is kind of and alex wood version as a hitter what happened was he met marlin bird and they at every day for an entire offseasons a tried a new approach he said i'm going to get the ball up in the air i'm going to try new swing and he made the adjustment and he's gone from good utility player to a really good every day player and this has always been my point fellas you guys play the other sports and all that but this doesn't happen nearly as often in footballer basketball guy at twenty nine years old or so doesn't suddenly learn how to shoot the three he could do that when he was eighteen but in baseball the light goes on at certain times and in my experience there's usually no great reason why the light went on and wife goes off but it happens like this all the time in baseball because of the degree of difficulty of the game and one little thing can throw you off.

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