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I said Okay, this is it. One involving multiple aircraft hijackings. So he Kitty O'Neil kfbk. Afternoon news on news 93.1 kfbk now trending. The federal deficit is estimated to be around $2.3 trillion this year. That's according to a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office, which supports the deficit will be less than last year 3.3 trillion. The office also estimates the nation's debt will grow. Upwards of 35.3 Trillion by 2031 well. A new report from the state auditor's office on the Homelessness crisis reveals California's homeless counsel. Is not tracking spending. It lacks comprehensive statewide data, and it's fragmented approach is hampering the effectiveness of his efforts kept a case Mike Blunt has more. The audit found that the state has struggled to coordinate programs and services for at least 30 years. Margarita Fernandez, a spokesperson for the auditor's office, says currently there is little accountability right now. They still don't have a good graph. On what's available in the state and how much funding is there what the programs they're doing in the last three fiscal years, At least nine agencies were responsible for more than 40 programs to address and prevent homelessness. Fernandez says The council is also not providing support to the federal continuum of care system implemented to address the issue at the local level. They may not always be employing best practices to improve the homelessness. Services in their areas, and that's because it's it is without this centralized process. There's not exchange of information, Fernandez says. Auditors also found that many continuum of care service providers were not using best practices, and many did not fully understand the needs and services available in their areas due to the lack of state data. For Joe Smith, director of the nonprofit Sacramento Loaves and Fishes. None of the findings were a surprise documentation of services that are going on at a state level often, mayor What we have going on here locally, Smith says State leaders need to start addressing California's housing crisis as part of the homelessness crisis. That was my take away from the whole thing. You know, it's a big mess, but the bottom line is is it's going to stay a big mess. Unless there's somewhere for people to live and and granted. There are some smaller projects, especially here locally that are gonna gonna help. But they're not big enough to really put it dent in the problem, And it's that way statewide. Republican State Senator Jim Nielsen, who represents part of Sacramento County, agrees. Just really sad. All we're doing is inviting more homelessness. Not helping those who are homeless, certainly not helping in transition into stable lifestyle. He has a governor Gavin Newsom's poor leadership has exacerbated the issue. Governor being the primary responsible, not letting the ladies he's just doing what they want. Having the legislators and the governor tells them the agency's what we're gonna do when we're gonna do it, how we're going to do it. He ought to recommends the state Legislature make the homeless counsel the authority to collect and track funding data as well as provide clear in measurable goals to service providers. Mike Blood News 93.1. Kfbk. OK, and that brings us to our next check of traffic and weather together, and then we'll get some business and money news, But we'll start in the KPK Traffic center and Dana had brought by Stockton Honda and as we check around on the roadways Yeah, they're slowing down. He's found on the camp City 14 minutes from 50 after the split, And then once you get on 80 another 11 minutes to Douglass Boulevard on eastbound 80 downtown. L grope south on I 5 17 minute ride for you and just a minute longer on 99. That's fulsome 20 minutes eastbound 50. Also if you're going to Woodland 17 minutes, north bound, I've five and again the accident further on their West Street. The off ramp. Watch out for the clean up If you're going to Davis West Mount 80 10 minutes very heavy eastbound all the way through the Davis. Harry. Also, love gets his cross the top. Basically, he's found 80 Reed Avenue. We have a report of a collision there..

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