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Yes yes I have David. It's great to be back in here. Your Voice your show. Yes I've been watching and a lot's happened in a few weeks. Yes it has wrapping up yesterday Ed with the testimony of feeling which I thought was fascinating you know what when you look at the witnesses to And I I did a lot of research on each witness. been there the last few weeks and you look at them and they were either. Republicans Republican operatives such as Sunland when I say operatives involved political system former ambassador to the U. or curtain Bashar. You and also people that were you know career diplomats. It's really couldn't find a political activist per se on the democratic side. So I just wanted to point that out and so I think that there Testimony was quite credible. Now that doesn't mean that they all put a silver bullet out there you know but Obviously when it you know you look at this and you see something. Something was unusual and something wasn't good matter which way you turn this thing. I thought the witnesses were where Bertie Interesting and credible well let me let me ask you to And and tell me if you don't want to do this I don't want him to badly put you on the spot on your return engagement here but You know I what what would you say if you were really on the team with Jim Jordan and Devon newness. You know you're a former Republican member of Congress that's that's a fact And and and And you're sitting with them and you're trying to come up with the best defense to go out into the public with on a day to grab show on CNN or MSNBC or wherever grabber and say here's our case what would you tell them. Sure I mean that's a great question and I'm happy to answer because I was there in the last impeachment and by the way Learned to make this basically not so political With my answer the last impeachment. I was one of six people including Lindsey Graham who told the White House if you admit perjury. We're not gonNA impeach you. Can you know go your own path. Also a on record that you know. The President United States at that time. Bill Clinton should not have been compelled to testify civil case. That's that's a fact of life. It's it's the legal part of the constitution but he was compelled he was deposed any committed. Is it perjury. And based on that and not the sexual act based on the perjury. In the fact he wouldn't admit it. And just get it out of the way led to the to the impeachment now on this one. If I were on your show and I was you know local congressman representing your area. I would say that This is Not something that was just nothing. This is not a pure witch hunt. Although people from the beginning we're trying to impeach the president they said that That that this doesn't look good. It's unusual Israel doesn't smell good. It shouldn't have been done. Pretty United States should never have mentioned anything relating to a political opponent period however up to now there hasn't been the silver bullet that Donald Trump called and we've got the recording or the factual statement that he said. Okay cut that aid until he does what I want. So therefore it's it's close but it wouldn't rise to the level of impeachment. Yeah I I Okay I mean I guess that's one way to Cla. Of course you'll notice the newness and Jordan are not doing that. They're not saying it's closer not saying you know it just barely doesn't clear the bar whatever for for a vote for impeachment They're saying that it's it's all a hoax. It's all you know it's all. Just as a Sham Democrats have been out to get trump from the beginning. Let me ask you about that charge. Democrats have been out to get trump from the beginning Be I mean what. What's what's happened since the beginning before the two thousand the sixteen election trump according to the conviction of Michael Cohen was involved in making payoffs to women who were possibly GonNa be Speaking about his sexual escapades and so on Including you know maybe other women talking about sexual assault. I'm when I say escapades. I'm talking mainly about stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal So these payoffs happened out of campaign funds is what the allegation was and And and if if if there's a violation of the law in terms of what the campaign finance law says you know if you break the law maybe that's an impeachable offense and and then So many other things have all the emoluments clause you know the president just seems to have no sense of of of this concern. Earn about how he's not supposed to make money off of being the president and how is is is family members. I mean this hundred things strikes me as ironic on the family member front right. Because look at jared and Don Jr. and you know why are they rich and famous you know and etc.. I mean there's so many things other things and then Komo investigation which at least if it didn't uncover absolutely demonstrable collusion between the trump campaign and Russia Russia did uncover and spoke out quite firmly about ten or so instances of obstruction of justice. So you know they got Clinton on one obstruction obstruction of justice. Charge right yeah yes well in perjury. You know We you know we got him on perjury but But Clinton by the way at conducted himself in a totally different way During the impeachment. Now I will tell you the White House reach out to me during impeachment The presence it's a train called me invited me over to to the Oval Office At that time to have a very very frank honest conversation with him so they did that but they didn't fight it in the sense that they wouldn't do this people couldn't they didn't do that. The president trump's done that the other thing is that I do think I'm from day one. There have been elements within the Democratic Party. I can name you for example. maxine waters who Came out before the president got his hand on the Bible and said impeaching that that happened happen Not all the Democrats but it did happen so therefore that kind of set a tone. They should have been honestly more more careful about that politically now. Having said all that though I think mistake day one from for the president was he should have either had his his family in the White House which is okay to work there but not in the business but not both because then you've gotTa Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Foundation situation where you've got one one part of you is in the government one part of the foundation the private sector etc so I think the president made a horrible way or on that he got through the the Mahler deal. And here's where where I think it cuts to the chase. I think this was the personal psyche of the president. United States Y. He's in the Jackpot seat again. And I'll tell you why you had rudy. Julie Rudy Giuliani Juliana. who by the way Dave I think is lucky? Human being in the United States right now had he been called the desk fight Rudy. Better get himself attorney. I mean he just all over the place. But here's the thing about Rudy Rudy Guiliano out that this was set in motion. This wasn't uh-huh trying to pressure England to do something. The Ukraine borders Russia. They're up against the wall. They're a poor country. They would do anything they would investigate anybody we want but the president himself just had to get on that telephone. They didn't want him to. He had to get on there. And and do the art of the deal and cut the deal will try to or insinuate or whatever he was doing a being in being involved in the deal himself. He didn't have to do that that he just he couldn't help himself. And that's what you're not gonNA. He's not going to get convicted for it. And and by the way. I don't think that I at least I can't say hey that he's GonNa lose his election. It depends on the opponent but this shortly takes the twenty percent undecided and make some of them not so happy. Yeah it would be amazing to impeach.

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