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Sitting there sipping tea and it's a guy. Sit Down, we're GONNA DO, some calligraphy. And? We mean learning this crazy. I mean look. I can't speak Japanese I tried. It was a disaster the only Japanese alarms off a couple of very way with Japanese girls. Top. The problem is the only reason anyone learns anything but. Of course, the problem is that the the Japanese women speak differently two Japanese men so every time I was in my Japanese class, and I said anything that say. You sound like a woman right now I'd say okay. But anyway I would I would go in and and to calligraphy with this founder of Sony mean. How insane is this? How did I even get what why? Why would this happen I? Noticed were the were the designs that were coming out I mean. was there a point in which you cut as attention with this group of yeah? I was leaving. He would sometimes a couple of US would go sometimes he just ask for me. I mean I was the one that was packaging the design. The other people in our group. Were computer scientists. They were engineers. They were people who studied laser technology. They were all. More Creating the machinery that I was then going to package. But my packaging was kind of key because. Particularly in Japan Asia. Technology is a very fashionable thing I mean you would have. For example in America or the UK, you would buy Walkman or or discipline. At that time we're talking late eighties early nineties, and you'd kind of keep it. You kind of look after it, but in Japan. It was a disposable thing. You'd sort of have a new walkman or discipline every year. It was always like a keeping up with the jacket or a pair of shoes. You keep up the trends there, so it was my job to kind of find that space in terms of those new designs, saying that you mentioned inception to say of the the interest scenes and things like. The everyone knows obviously the interesting exception, and they know that beautiful Asian Gardens and stuff like that begun you saying that there's some inspirations that are drawn from from wealth and I'll tell you something and I. I know Chris would totally be fine with this. Chris Nolan. That is for sure Chris's scripts are so perfect. It's he's literally their direct. Try Work with where you start a project..

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