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Like twenty five years old kids, and I go. Oh, yes. He's just kidding. God. About the teacher who tells the students came out about two weeks ago teacher tells the students that there's no such thing as Santa Claus, your parents are lying to you. This is the first section that you can't put up with any longer. -rageous go home and tell your mom and dad, Santa Claus doesn't exist. That's someone who had a miserable child. He came to our house this morning. So. We're talking about that the other day. Dax Shepard you know, that is the Mary de Kristen bell. He was on some talk show or some such and said, we told our their daughters like about that age five six, and we discussed it and decided we didn't want her to think that our parents once she figures out the truth that our parents have been lying to her this whole time. Did you do your mom and dad come on man, go? Hey, right. Exactly. Well, what do you do? But. Stupid Santa's alive, and well he came to the boy man households bright and early. Get out in time your wife, let you go. Yep. Just tell your kids while you didn't come because you're a bad this year. I'm going to go to work now. My wife every year. Speaking of scarring against you've been terrible this year. So we get nothing. Congratulations. Get more. I hate you. I'm going to work some time on something. A little more serious the murder of eight people by. This is worse than when we did the last two years with the wall and immigration stay away from that Willie's people. That's what they care about twenty four seven. That's about I care about nothing. Nothing. Let's get the wall. Pike county. Pike county, I've opposed to the murders. Yeah. Hey, you know, what I'm on the fence? Neither here nor there on that. I got family members that are kind of sketchy, u but here's the deal Charlie reader as Mike McConnell knows the sheriff. Oh, yeah. Allegedly cage by county. About the gambling. Similar mustache. What was he gambling on allegedly? I haven't heard I think cockfighting he likes to watch Cox type. Can you say that on Christmas? I'm pretty sure you can't pike county. Only lost by a couple. Allegedly stealing money from drug deals in cash gambling out away from the safe, and we had the combination. Okay. Hey, borrowed money from his deputies and deputies thousands of dollars that gambled away. He also had a twenty thousand dollar Bill to a car dealer that he didn't pay for a car that he took from a car dealer Plessey impounded cars and his family members driving the cars all over town. Small town America is the king air. Hey, give me that thousand bucks, correct? The problem is pike county is not Columbus, not Marietta. Not cincinnati. So it's kind of the middle of nowhere. So there's no media coverage. There's no newspapers radio here is us, unfortunately, or fortunately, and there's no. Like investigation. And so I s Mike dewine about a week ago. I had him on who stood behind him at the last press conference, by the way way behind. Yeah. That's not good. He said, I asked Mike did you have any indication during the wrote an investigation, possibly you're dealing with the sheriff who was dirty, and it was like five seconds of silence. I have nothing to say. I know I know might do. The most exciting thing he does is eat his wife's pies. That's the most exciting thing. He does Christmas. Lemon meringue Santa Claus. Stop at that. You're not not not nine to midnight rhubarb. That's the worst thing. He does is each airy pie. And so he doesn't understand that a dirty small town sheriff is doing what he's doing. What are you laughing about Jerry? So. So Christmas Christmas, Jerry by the bloody feathers all over. We're talking about cherry pie and murder at the same on Christmas day. I get any better than this point is I don't think the I knew anything about it. But but the road family is a chop shop operations..

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