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Best one pop band and next weekend bbc chris ed his julie lewis invitation he'll be here while we're from west virginia tell us who won the vehicle mandy humble given so this week at least upper pearl river she won the mustang she was in the neighborhood ac rural rebel the wicket before that yellow up of lorraine through one of the harley are you like oh wow hill is were met is branched out a lucas from pearl river to laura the spun out of the tokyo vote now liberal bobby i've got a question day now or dave joerger things are you pain drew brees all you take a character it is over because if you look we're read right now and ultimately if you to read and you win that second super bowl in but i'm gonna give you a little bit where drew reasons that now take about this and i've said this report who that nation ju breeze georgia eleven yards to reach forty three hundred yards owned a season while he got with what he had to forty five and forty thought yeah okay yeah 245 73 percent who is the most accurate quarterback do you know is the twelve th straight season the drew brees has thrown for forty three hundred yards now we without we remember five thousand with forty three hundred yards wall street sees the nfl record in second place reja matt ryan about history matt ryan the next longo's he's only gonna for five he's not even close he's not even snip and so think about the consistency drew brees worried that and how we running the ball passing the ball so i throw in there and then you might say what what bobby come on what about group breezes arm what about the long ball you'd orders the more team twenty plush of yards as far as the reception just a a game that regain per play over twenty yards say to number one who's the quarterback drew brees but how about this drew brees is the most accurate quarterback number one it cuprija percentage on deep balls where this to the right side of the.

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