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Go Wayne was up at the first crow of the rooster. He carefully wrapped the green belt of the lady around his waist as he dressed as dawn broke. Sir, go Wayne road out to meet his fate. The guide lead Sir Wayne, over the Snowy Hills, stopping at the edge of a jagged cliff, the terrified guide pointed to a path that led down through the jagged rocks to a marsh below down, there was the Green Chapel. The guide refused to go any further and begged. Go Wayne to turn back. He swore he'd never tell a soul about grains decision if he decided to flee. The guide trembled as he spoke, but Sir Wayne had given his word. It was up to God whether he died that day he had to do the honorable thing and allow the. Green Knight a swing at his head. Sir Wayne led his horse. Don't the jagged path to the marsh, but something wasn't right. There wasn't a chapel insight. There was only an unusual mound next to a waterfall, a dark crevasse between two stones, overgrown with vines and Moss Sir Wayne's heart filled with dread. This had to be the Green Chapel. Go Wayne tied Granola to try and drew his sword he inched toward the cave, the wet ground squishing underneath his feet. He stepped into the darkness of the Green Chapel. Sir Wayne had to stop and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. He couldn't see a thing, but he could hear the whine of metal grinding against stone, the sound of an axe being sharpened. Circle Wayne held out his sword and shouted. Collect your debt, you coward. The sound of grinding stopped of voice, boomed out from the blackness at ease seargl away. The Green Knight leaped out of the darkness and landed in front of Sir. Go Wayne, a giant gleaming. Danish acts in his hand. Sir. Go Wayne stood tall as the Green Knight approached the Green Knight's voice echoed off the walls as he spoke. You honor jar word. Circle Wayne now. pull off your helmet and take what you are. Oh! Sir Go Wayne threw aside his sword and helm, and dropped to the wet Mossy floor, he bared his neck, and took a deep breath as the Green Knight raised the axe. But from the quarter of his I, Sir Go, Wayne saw the blade move and flinched. It was involuntary and ever so slightly, but he flinched the Green Knight. Is Grain are Jew the bravest. Most honorable of all of Arthur's Knights did I. Flinch when you lopped off my head. Don't chew me the same respect. Sir Go Wayne was embarrassed. The Green Knight was right. He assumed the position once again, assuring his executioner, he wouldn't budge the time. He dug his hands into the moss underneath and steadied himself. He wouldn't move again. No matter what the Green Knight heaved the axe above his head, and swung down with all his force. The acts landed harmlessly in the Moss Surg Wayne turned and looked at the Green Knight who smiled at him. I had to make sure you weren't going to flinch again, but now that I know protect your neck. Sir, go! Wayne shouted back. Stop playing games and take your swing. Go. Wayne again planted himself into the ground. Stock still is to the ground ready to meet his fate. It's sliced through the air, but only Nick Surg Wayne on the edge of his neck, drawing blood, but doing no real damage, sir, go, Wayne immediately dove for his sword, he snatched it off the ground and pointed it at the Green Knight Ready to attack. The Green Knight lowered the axe and smiled at go, Wayne. I didn't swing on the first. Because you were faithful to our agreement on that first night and I missed on that second. Try Because you honored our agreement on the second night, but on the third I had to make some contact because you weren't completely truthful with me. You kept something from me. You didn't give me all your winnings. You kept the belt. Sir Wayne's is widened the green. Knight was Lord Brutal Lack. He had stayed with him for the last week. The whole thing was a test. The Green Knight applauded go Wayne. He truly was the most honorable of all of King. Arthur's knights. But Sir go! Wayne seethed angry with himself. He ripped the belt off and threw it at the feet of the Green Knight Ashamed of what he had become, he'd been covetous and cowardly. He'd forgotten everything about being a true, virtuous and honorable night. Maybe he had never really known. Sir, go Wayne dropped to his knees and hung his head. He begged the green night for forgiveness. But the Green Knight said there was nothing to forgive. Sir, go Wayne admitted his failings. The Nick on his neck was all that was required go. Wayne had proven his worth. He had lived up to his reputation. Sir, go Wayne was humbled truly and deeply humbled maybe for the first time in his life. He picked the belt up off the ground. I will wear this belt forever, not as a trophy, but as a reminder of the free of the flesh. But Wayne had one last question. How how did BERTA? Lack do all this. The Green Knight smiled. My wife is Morgan. LA- Fay Moore Liz former pupil. It was her spells that hit our appearances. This whole charade was her idea. She wanted to put the pride of camelot on trial. She expected you to fail. Surrogate Wayne thanked Lord Berta lack for everything. This was a lesson. He would never forget. By the time Sergei made it back to camelot, the wound on his neck had healed on his return. The court erupted with joy. They were certain go. Wayne had fallen Surg Wayne recounted the entire endeavor leaving no embarassing moment out. King. Arthur loved the story. His nephew face down his own frailty and came out truly humbled. Or that a greenbelt be worn by every one of his nights, so it would be a message that they too would never forget..

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