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And there's still a chance for Powerball. Tonight. I'll have those numbers after 11 $216 million up for grabs makes me smile. Traffic does not make me smile. Let's see what's out there. I've got some bad news right now for folks out in about the North Brunswick getting word of a crash on Route one. It's going to be a North bound crash heading up past Livingstone Avenue. It looks like it's right around society way. But it appears they've got all North bound lanes blocked right now. It looks like the Let you squeeze by and the shoulder. Despite that it is a bumper to bumper standstill Jam. Want to get north of Livingstone Avenue? Expect a slight south battle a twofer rubbernecking, But really, it's the North bound side. We're looking at the big mess. And they've still got a detour set up their Metuchen 27 north bound just after 2 87 has for repair work for a down traffic light. Now, a couple issues on route 17, a south bound crash being cleared away in Paramus, right near Midland, Dave, it looks like that's getting better. So that could be off to the shoulder. But now we've got a North bound crash on 17. If you're heading up there, Saddle River. This one involves an overturned vehicle just after Alan Dale Road, so at least one lane shut down at that spot. Parkway still jammed on the South bound side heading into PNC Arts Center tonight from the local lanes bumper to bumper traffic. The offering for 1 16. That is for the holiday light show taking place and if you're heading over to the local lanes via the Express Lane crossover. Just before you get to the art center much after a stalled vehicle on that ramp, and that blocks one lame also, Bob, they've still got that crash and Elizabeth being cleared away on North Avenue just before you get out to nor calves that looks like traffic. They're getting better so that, too might be off to the shoulder. And there is a closure in Jersey City for a vehicle fire on Kennedy Boulevard. They've got that detoured both ways that Leonard Street now the good news. I see no delays of the crossings. If you're leaving the state Hudson in Delaware, everything running smoothly. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 803. I'm Jeff from a New jersey one a 1.5, New Jersey. One on 1.5 has weather information just for you and your part of the Garden State online and on.

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