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Chance to work with him on sirius xm nfl radio i'm talking about the great jeff schwartz g e o f f s c h w a rtz on twitter jeff thanks for coming on the show again i appreciate it's been a while it has been a while i'm glad to be here and yes i keep myself busy just like just like you do we just pick up like jobs can just random stuff that pops in our life and we just do it it's fantastic yeah i mean it's really not that complicated hey do you want to get this money to talk about football in this way or sports is yeah yeah i do thank you for asking yes i will do that actually how exactly how it works hey so here's my question i first and foremost where do you stand on the j e f f versus g e o f f debate i mean obviously you're gao f f where's that even from all right so in judaism you name your children after the first letter of the deceased relatives so my my grandfather on my mom's side i'd passed away before i was bored his first name was gerald so gerald g so that's why i'm jeff with g my brothers mitchell that's after my mother's sister who passed away before my brother was born as well so that's the way it works that's how jeff g became thing for me was so shocking to me though there's like people still call me g off i don't i just don't get a figure twenty eighteen now jeff what the g would be a thing but look toys r us out of business now geoffrey the giraffe is gone like maybe people just don't just don't know the jeff with jesus yeah i mean there's there's a lot of jeff with geez out there but it's not necessarily just judaism thing i mean a lot of people that are jeff g are not jewish right no i'm saying how you ask me how i that's how i got my name jesus says because because of that no i don't know the reason why people still tommy g off i deal with them if i get like two or three times a month and know especially when you make appointment somewhere and you tell them jeff for the g or they write it down and then when you show up g off shorts here is you know as joffrey or gio for whatever i don't even know how they is what is man something somebody i live with i never really had that conversation before with a guy whose name it so i'm glad we we had it there's a there's a bunch of cool topics i wanna get into with you but i really wanted to talk a lot about rpo's because it seems like that is one of the really popular topics this off season and going into the nfl i know you talk a lot about it you're pretty knowledgeable about it on a couple of different levels one obviously you know your brother plays for the chiefs you watch them a lot and the chiefs probably do more than any other team out there and also i mean correct me if i'm wrong jeff but rpo's have kind of been around some people give rich ride credit for some people give chip kelly credit for it but you were doing were you doing or appeals when you were oregon in college or no yeah i was i was their chips chips i years my senior but here's the thing though is is we now come up with this term rpm you know this it's it's been around forever and nfl it hasn't gimmick called rpo but you know we're running outside zone right and there's pressure from the front side of outside zone i mean quarterback raises up those swing on the backside right we see that all the time in the nfl that's the run pass option it is it's just not called opio and and it's not designing a way to kind of maybe take advantage.

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