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Advocates for victims of sexual assault are blasting the trump administration's decision to overturn obama era guidelines for investigating the sex crimes on college campuses npr's windsor johnston reports the education department says the new rules will balance the rights of victims and the accused the obama era guidance required schools to aggressively investigate claims of sexual assault but the trump administration says those methods off in favored alleged victims and lack due process for the accused national women's lol center president who team agaanst grave says the new guidelines may discourage victims from coming forward my deep worry that it we will return to dig graves unpack hope out with a secret word cool put it wept it under the rag and that you didn't who experience tech hello how will say there's no reason i would want to put myself process the education department says its planning to seek public comment over the next several months before final guidance is issued windsor johnston npr news washington this is npr and this is wnyc in new york i'm david first new york governor andrew cuomo says there may be a silver lining for puerto rico following the widespread destruction caused by hurricane maria the governor arrived in san juan with two planes full of supplies and words of inspiration and no her line of us old monkey bill would look doomed one and hurricane maria cost an islandwide blackout after making landfall on wednesday cuomo also promised to help horta reco receive adequate relief funds from washington a federal labor agency has determined that black detectives within the nypd elite intelligence division were pramoj richard at a much slower rate than their white counterparts the equal employment opportunity commission made the ruling last year but it was only made public this week by the new york times darren porcher teaches criminal justice at pace university he says the panel's finding could lead to important reforms if members any nypd comparable well with the fact that the of being promoted based on the mary and not knepper could them i think it will bolster a greater motivation amongst the troops and the record problem apartment a spokesman for the nypd vehemently denies the times report the trump administration has declined to pursue the case the mayor of patterson new jersey has pleaded guilty to corruption charges he will step down from office and served prison time the record newspaper reports that mayor joey toro's pleaded guilty.

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