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Linneman while the no killed. He is responsible for that. He's responsible for great art. And also my death. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And for having and I'm but I'm glad that you like him. Yes. Oh, yeah. Don't wanna take that away from you know, I don't even want him to stop working. He's great. No, he should keep making thing. And he breaks no one is people. All I don't know. What it is that like it just doesn't click with me. It's the slam poetry as Mary Poppins music. I think that maybe is I can't I can't deal with like also. I'm not sure that I know enough about it. But it feels like an insult to the history of slam poetry, oh to take it and turn it into what he has turned it into. I think he is rapid because it's like a. Here's a here's the thing. It's debatable, wrapping. It's it's hard to as wrapping and one might refer to it as such. And he's a good songwriter. And he's a smart really talented musician. Yes. Great. I I was looking forward to seeing that movie. And now, I'm not sure that I can maybe you go to the bathroom during those parts any Bart where he's on the scrap go to the bathroom. Well, I can't he's not compete based on her rap singing, the whole time is he is he Kelly came. I guess of his lineage the one, right? It's just the one right? Is it just the one Mary Poppins? I'm gonna look at pictures images. I think he was mostly know he's he is. Yeah, he has like scuff scuff. Yeah. He's a cute fella. He is. He also looks up into the right? A lot in this. Maybe that's as good side. I was watching Arianna grantee videos, and that is a girl who does not enjoy looking directly into camera now, she likes look out of the corner. Yeah. 'cause she likes her ponytail Shawn KU peak press. I assumed she thinks it makes her look taller. Oh, maybe that's why she weren't really high anything. That's why she worked at ears. 'cause she wears also giant shoes. She giant shoes very small very very small big pipes. Yeah. Big pipes. You see the video. Yes, this good. I liked it. I liked that song that looks. So we've talked about almost everything in the world. Any final thoughts on this book. Overall. I liked it me too. I like this one. Yeah. I liked how much was going on. I I was I would get bored during the Pam metoo apart. I I was really hard because honestly is much as Rivas a bitch. You love to hate her. And I would rather have just stuck with her. Yeah. She's like season two or Delia. Yes. Season one Cornelia. Maybe before she starts dating Zander. She's like season two ish because you're also getting collapses of her ping is that may you at the end for one she's like one into two. She has one thing that Julia does not which is fucked up lamps just just sliced diet. How long is it gonna take to heal? She's going to have to not talk for a while. I think she should. Yeah. And south putting lipstick on it. It will heal much faster because the mouth is one of the quickest healing areas in your body and your face 'cause it has it has you need it. Whereas like your foot. Oh my goodness. Could take forever could take forever. You're stepping on. It all the time. No Judge. judge GOP next week. What are we reading? What were you gonna say? What's your oh? Oh, I I was was just just gonna gonna. say final thoughts from you. But you had said I enjoy it. I enjoyed the book I liked it. I read part of it in the bath. That was very calming. We are taking a break next week. Yes. For the holiday. Yes. And there will be a like forever. Don Clinton, which is gonna be real income owner that and then fucking eggs. Okay. Inking Nick inking. Oh shit. We are doing a lights out by RL Stein. That's what Phoenix covers. Yeah. It's a good one. It's a good cover. Really good cover more Stein. More stein. I wonder if that was going to be good. Oh, I at the on the back of this. Wow. My brain his bio at the end of this book and my nineteen Ninety-one copy..

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