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I you need yet if you haven't seen the original see the original because rutger hauer and daryl hannah i mean wrecker how is incredibly is one of the best antagonise of all time going to say something controversial know there's a line in the original film that always puts him so cheesy was loses his last lionia cat dammit he's a great antagonist do you know that the original cut of the movie i believe you know the there's a driving sequence at the end no i didn't know whether there's no no it's in the movie there's a big sweeping like it's the movie that the students the end at the studio wanted is a big driving sequence at the end yes suggests leftover footage from the shining i believe bryant they asked kubrick for during footage again not drone god elegant afford it i a couple of big illness comey had that we will not be seeing one is koji years storm with gerard butler and jim sturgis i mean there's a there's a number of things and sarker sorry i dunno well but you know it's a big satellite it's so funny to me it's a big satellite that's supposed to control global warming so we can still live on earth but someone's using it to create all these natural disasters which is what every bond villain has ever wanted to do an unusual to control the weather a giant satellite centered around let me ask you about the snyman okay it's coming out michael fast bend lack ferguson icy in this it the trailers for this look like a joke on snl it looks like snl made a fake film and just win the snow man haha booking it's a best seller am thing yet i now i love michael bender.

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