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Our gary sheffield and tim hardaway tim hardaway when i see tim hardaway i am so happy to see him and so happy that he doesn't have any bed feelings toward me in us for him ending up like a lotta people wouldn't have been that kind of accountable on on the idea of hey this was me you didn't trap me i'm an adult i made the mistake i said the homophobic thing did that take a minute with hardaway or did that happen right away happened pretty immediately i mean after after you know the media engulfed him he was scared and so that's not the instinct right then uh but soon thereafter and sheffield i just remember one time that he just pulled me aside like took came in sheffield was superstar at the time and he just pulled me aside and wanted to talk to me privately in the bannon kayed simply after having a conversation with his wife in which he just apologized to me for the way he had treated me and it just i found is given his reputation rounded really i've i i yeah it it connected made him in a way that has interesting grown after his career let's go i have a question for you and i guess greg to jumping off the magazine an sheffield safco's i would have been intimidated covering gary sheffield because you recovering the marlins a whole as an a superstar was who's one some been the most intimidating a intimidated you've ever been covering an athlete like who still hearkens back to a time where you were just terrified of them did that ever happened nieto was bonds intimidating then oh my god there i'd baena pulled bonds off me the first time that i ever wanted to talk to bonn pulled him off of me what what was he do it was the it was the pirates clubhouse and because i didn't know journalists will journalism rules i did not know that you don't just walk up to barry bonds it's almost ever twenty twenty one years old and and evidently there's this force field around berry bondra orders no not to go in it is that journalism roles or barry bonds is rules vallarta was well i didn't know either of them and so i walked right into his space is like not talking to a starting pitcher the days bit.

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