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Let's hear Marxist Story High Marcus. Welcome to the functional tennis podcast. I how you doing very good. Thanks how are you not safe idea? I don't see about thank you. Tell me what you up to I'm just started training again. As of a couple of weeks ago Stop laying of had a timeout through through injuries Kits stuff that really kid kid number two arrived did they can't number to arrive. Eighty nine months ago so yeah gravy. Lucky the sleep department suspect a great. I hope you have been tracking your sleep. I haven't No you're you're in your back healthy again and ready to go. Yeah I mean I'm paying paying for it a bit of everything that they plan back and more recently. I've had shoulder problems. It's not perfect still yet. But I've got a month or so to sort of think. Crato YOU'RE GONNA go full time. Then that's the plan. That's the plan. Focus on mainly doubles that if I have to single monitoring that as mentioned just before we jumped on hair met soundbite yesterday on to you know true the tour on last Marcus and he goes. Oh we'll tell you about the story about the time we played in the final on. You guys ended up warm enough room together because selves to save money is warmed up together. You probably had dinner together. Yeah together as well. Yes Oh you play together Danny stopped and that was it and I was like Sam. Who would want to they want to carry on with the story now? That was a good finals outside. It was four and six four or something Six four six. Did you use Sam? Well Yeah I mean. We see English. Speaking and we played very similar tournament so saw the law On the tool and Yeah he's Nice Chap so he just world in the same boat thing when you're playing futures and stuff it's it's it's okay to friends and stuff had dinner together. He and soon as you stop on the Mexico. Try and win. And that's it for the next chairman. I it should be that simple short but Yeah no it's it's it's strange you know. We're having been in the plate at the next day love. It's great. It's better than sitting sitting in room service starring hotel walls and I guess true and Sam asked the question. Why don't you ask them like? Why didn't you concentrate on doubles? But it looks like you're doing that now. Yeah exactly I mean I still love. Singles bought the end of the day. You go to try and make some make some money in it. It's going to be very hot but my game suits doubles especially now a lot more. I probably should have done earlier. The stuff inside of me still still still believes the most So there's not wrong. I still to ask way lower level but yet I've seen like some senior senior play Assam's told me on. Your game is made for Nobles on. You're probably young right now for the devils game anyway. You're still under attorney. I've got some time if I can stay healthy improve as well. It's it's not easy to get that fought with the right steps. And and Yeah. We got some very good coaches available to us then. Yeah I think it's very possible for me to make a living out Phil are you didn't under the Al. Ta Or Rangel System. At the moment. I haven't had Haussa since I was seventeen. Belief also say that that a bonus game which helps a lot plaza that last year or soon not stop so no. I'm not quite sure what the system is there. But it's a I'm doing it my way cray. Look there's no right or wrong here. Obviously you can do to way to get a bit of help but makes it a bit easier. If you like the coaches it whip it. It seems like a highpoint help when you need it anymore. If you assault double sided and you start getting out so chicken eggs yeah. It's back you when you forty crossed the line. Unfortunately but I I guess I guess the top guys on complaining to what to get the start like I wouldn't rate will just like out there too so many good guys in the UK now too must be seven or eight in the top one hundred now. Is there yeah Louis clause massively through with things no accident when he's coming to the numbers that rely in Boca on the preseason Louisa. A couple of other coaches doing something right. Just do what he tells them. Yeah we had last week's guest Dave Dave O'hare. Yes very well. He worked with Louis all year Ashley. Yeah he was working. He did the full year on and off but he was working with all the English leads on. Tv great years he picked up lows Lewis. Hopefully some say she can transfer it over to the Irish kids. Yeah so following you. So tell me markets you were top junior year. What top fifteen in the world and quite success. How hard is it to go from top junior two worlds onto the senior level yet? It's the hardest thing too do if you've got no help even if you do have help that is when. I did have funding available to me. Sorry I had a coach and stuff like that for for nine months or a year. Yeah comedy prepare for that number fourteen in a finished and there's no prize money everything's free. Everything's free when you're playing the Big Judas hold on it so when you then all of a sudden you've got a few points. I think I'm qualified. I made last Guy Straddle. I had a few points. You have to go abroad to places for yourself and strong compete in faces you. You're familiar with and you didn't get given nice hotels free stuff it so you know you're running running running our big bill pretty much and using the semi's you get six eighty people in a couple of hundred dollars that's what it was but then I it's kind of. Yeah when when are you going to run out of money or you've got to win an awful lot and play the challenges. But when I say awful lot I think they've got I said I can go to a friend of mine. He won seven days in a row. And you still maybe grassland qualifying. Two hundred in the world sees friend into the website. You have to basically not lose and I don't have the money to continue so very very difficult transition on. You're not making money. You Call my money because I was lucky with the private sponsor I won't pharmaceutical sponsor me for a good year and a half two years when I quit. I I'm so I went from no ranking to three twenty one year but I was lucky to sponsor everyone else. You Go French league German League matches that signing if you're a high wolf aren't you get paid a criminal so much I'm not citing Jeremiah. The weekends so you've got to play tournament. Flights the French league and then fly back Sunday night and then placed on. It's it's very difficult looking back. You're seventeen eighteen again. What would you do differently? What would I have done differently there with my personality and Not Table people can say whatever they liked about man. I'm a funny guy. Whatever but I was like all the coal mine not solve and Jim off course around. But I couldn't work any harder. Maybe a few decisions off call but again that's as an individual. I probably would have gone to American College. Sorry most most definitely gone to American college now. Five Moslem again. At that time. It just wasn't done fourteen in the world and every instead of Mayo pro so I wasn't even really a serious tool but knowing what I do now on sent. Johnson R Kelly. What should make that difference of going to college in gone pro I know only sunny handful especially people that should go pro or I think a very very. I think most people should college. Even if you're GONNA think needs to go because the eleven outlets so good you get scholarship so you don't pay anything if you still got a good ranking still get a very good deal so you don't get ninety five percent scholarship. Whatever very good tennis less you'll competing in high intense day in very tough situations unpicking skills as well. You've been friends with you team. You play matches your training your training probably the same if not more than you would clang on the tool embedded environments editor environments not paying anything and actually come college if you haven't already off the first two years which also has an option college with a degree and with all those experiences not just pretty freshen. I'm coming out much tennis player. If you've gone there and taken seriously if off tennis isn't view which it upstairs me if it's not you come out with a degree. Yeah you're taking a lot of boxes so yeah all you throw your into one basket. Hope for sponsor hope to break the top two hundred first year. It's a playground. Slams qualify for one of those. And then you start. Seeing some money back doesn't happen but it just doesn't happen very often you to meet. Trump's yeah the freaks. How much top hundred can just fall out of sixteen seventeen years old playground? So I'm not many and they've had supports well definitely a lot. You're right a lot of money behind them. So you go you decide. I'm going pro here. You got a good start in Edinburgh rosca classical. Sorry are you gotta go start off to ever. Actually this is so easy. Are Making this transition so easy. So Wimbledon was about seven or eight years after roughly was it walked goes on between those seven or eight years. I know won't say you say you had some finance and you got to be three hundred with sponsorship. Yeah that was twenty two twenty three years old then maybe twenty to ten. That runs out then. Yes things was phones is that you've got to be doing something for them as well. It came to a point where the sponsor want to play matches during where I should have been thanked challenges so it became sort of impossible to work it out that way. I don't believe in just taking money off. Someone offering them or giving them something back. I don't think it will ship worked for that. But yeah for year year and a half to twenty doubles play. Wimbledon qualifying doubles of sixty six type singles. Win Be qualifying but didn't didn't have very much but yeah I was knocking on the door. And then again you get so. You're back to square one against wants to stop playing coach. French league matches basically start all tournaments in the UK. So that goes you tend to correct. You can't travel when you'd have an island your pocket okay before we want to Wimbledon. Did you ever play the Irish Open? I played at once when I was young. And it was one of my favorite And then it's a classroom county which I was a county there and Sponsorship Opportunities S. O. Classes without enforcement at the moment thought it was not what it was Fitzwilliam College. Yeah so I really enjoyed that week. Strange Courts Mike. I lost to change. Okay I think he won a tear. One you want to play. I had him. Yeah second round. Not Very very pleasant on a wet artificial grass court and I actually own indoor coll- for some reason it was too rainy. I wouldn't have let him some some nice out so I played him on the on a new new slow in doco five into awesome. Okay so that explains that puts so let's touch on to Wimbledon. Your great ruin their and all the press you got. How was that experience for small in the lead up to listen to a podcast and.

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