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WSB traffic time is 6 22 spaghetti junction, you go. We're above it here, and I do see smoke traffic, although it really could be worse, leaving the camp County that is north bound into door cross the worst of it, though. Leaving the I 85 region past shambling conquer road That is a crashed the right lane on that sell these leg of the perimeter 25 he had found and past the black shows exit 48 of the 20 interchange. Henry South found jammed up with the North Spring. Smarter station here is why tractor jealous? Been stuck out for a while in the right lane of the ramp from forward. It sounds shooting five East takes it for a if you want to avoid those inbound delays, Roswell Road will give your break. Mike Shields, Cory Cara traffic there and seeing the volume Continue 75 South bell from Cartersville through in person and down the Acworth waves of all and continue in Mariana 75 south on getting down the eye to 85 just off the phone with Bartok. Any authorities? We've had reports of a crash 75 work down old Allatoona road accident to 83. They say they are working one bot says. That's in it right Lane. But we are seeing delays build on the triple team. Traffic alerts up. You can use Highway 41 as an alternate 5 25 North and South China Sea and Volume Continue past Highway 92 in Woodstock, triple team traffic 95.5 ws speed. WSB triple team traffic alerts. A free app for your smartphone Howard by the WSB traffic team before you drive, open the app and said, Your smartphone aside. Yeah, Feed you automatic audio alerts, warning you of major problems on your specific road ahead that WSB triple team traffic alerts app. Download it now in the APP store or Google play and use it every time you drive brought to you by cool raise lifetime parts and labor warranty. When it came to voting for Trump or Biden. I was conflicted. But for Senate, the choices are clear. Kelly Leffler and David Perdue are outsiders with backgrounds in.

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