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Broadway closed out two thousand eighteen on a record-breaking note with many shows recording their most profitable weeks, despite some big ticket prices the Broadway league says eight shows closed the year already more than two billion dollars for the week ending December thirtieth were led by Hamilton, The Lion King and wicked Hamilton across the four billion dollar Mark for the week with an average ticket costing more than three hundred seventy five dollars the two part. Harry Potter the cursed child said a new Broadway record for weekly ticket sales for a play reporting gross of over two and a half million dollars for eight shows. The Dutch coastguard is warning the public to stay away from some of the two hundred seventy containers the Takagi ship lost off the northern coast of the Netherlands. It said three containers carry closed off barrels of an organic peroxide of flammable and highly toxic compound the container. Ship is suspected to have lost a cargo that included toys like bulbs and flat screens during an overnight storm of the coastal border between Germany and the Netherlands by mid afternoon on Wednesday more than twenty containers. It washed ashore on the Watson islands in the North Sea. Some beaches on the islands already. So research of curious people checking out what washed up Qatar Airways says now holds a five percent share in China. Southern airlines. The move will help expand the carriers. Reach in one of the world's fastest growing aviation market. Qatar Airways groups says the acquisition of additional shares of China's southern supports its overall investments. Strategy china. Southern Airlines is a member of sky team alliance. That includes Delta Air, France and others despite losses of its revenue last year due to a boycott from neighboring Gulf states Qatar Airways maintains its the world's fastest growing airline. Debating the border the government shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire. The AP news been a Democrats now in the house. Majority of open debate on the first of two spending bills. They want to pass the end the partial government shutdown North Carolina Democrat, David price lays the blame for the shutdown at the feet of President Trump and his demands for border wall funding for the last two weeks. President Trump has held America hostage to fulfill his demagogic campaign promise, but Alabama Republican Mike Rogers accuses the Democrats of endangering the nation's security in order to score political points. It used to be members of congress could put partisanship aside at least on national security issues. One of the bill's calls for funding eight of the nine shutter departments through the fiscal year, which ends in September the other would keep funding for the department of homeland security at current levels into next month with no additional money for the border wall. I'm. Tim mcguire. More news right after this. Space some regions are vast.

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