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The parlays from Vegas to you. This, he's behind the bats. What a week in the NFL welcome in. I'm Doug kazarian. This is the latest behind the bets podcast. Obviously, we do college football on the Wednesdays to go check that out for October. Third, this October fourth, with the NFL content, John Murray is gonna join me and Mike clay will return did well last week on the podcast with his fantasy analysis. So we're going to use him to break down the prop bets. That's jump out to him on the Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games. So a lot to get through with Mike clay, he'll join us at the end, but John Murray is coming up and hey, we're both winners on baby bankroll bonanza and we have a sizeable wager coming up on this week's baby bankroll bonanza the almost triple the highest bet so far coming in. So lot of lot of action right now. Straight ahead on the behind. The best podcast. P started as a ticket writer will handle has gotten a lot higher here in the last hour. Now he's a racing sports book director. I have the guys at work. You're calling me Mr. director and not looking directly into my eyes. People brought in a whole new staff this year. It kind of Seinfeld esque move where we just rotate the guys to the material doesn't get stale. One happened in between a hot tub and ESPN. Hot tub in Vegas. Interesting. Interesting. Then some interesting times out here over the years. I can't argue with that John Murray back with us here to talk a little NFL and. You know, I don't know why. Wherever surprised with the NFL it is such. I I know zigzag is reserved for the NBA betting world in the postseason, but it really is moving to undefeated left. That's it. Yeah, and Kansas City, very fortunate to be undefeated. I hope that I have an opportunity to gush about Patrick Mahomes on this show. 'cause I, it's not. He that guy is we'll get into him, but man, that guy special. Well, let's start there because the point spread had some interesting movement. We talked last week on the pot. I thought it would go up and I was wrong. Obviously, I thought it would close maybe six just based on the chiefs love the powerful offense and what they've done the first few weeks going into that game. But I'm assuming the sharps get that number low. I did to a dog. I thought it was going to go up as well. So and I said that I think on this show, I thought that line was gonna go higher, but the sharps just wouldn't allow it. There was so much sharp money that came in on Denver plus five, even down to plus four. We had one of our sharper NFL betters come in on Sunday ninety two four. So the sharps just would not let that number get any higher despite the public, of course they were all over Kansas City. And we got lucky on that game because our biggest bet of the week on either side, we had a guy laid four and a half on the chiefs. So he lost and the game went under, which was a big deal for us here at the west gate. There was a lot of over money in that game. Yes. Strange game the chiefs stall in the first half on some drives had to settle for field goals. I thought the biggest disappointment if you were achieves backer maybe was the fact that they had to play separate situations, third and long on the forty one..

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