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Police did little to intervene other than arresting the picketers themselves in october dc police announced that anyone arrested for protesting outside the white house would be sentenced to six months in prison for obstructing the sidewalk when normally if anyone was obstructing the sidewalk it was the people protesting that are people heckling them not the protesters themselves but they brought those hecklers to the sidewalk is the logic that probably got used at the time yeah nevertheless they persisted with alice paul leading the picket line from the nwpp headquarters to the white house itself the very next day after that announcement was made carrying a banner that said the time has come to conquer or submit for there is but one choice we have made it as promised they were once again arrested convicted and imprisoned as this cycle of arrests in incarcerations wore on law enforcement tried a new approach making a whole process so unpleasant and humiliating that perhaps the women would just give up conditions were poor it every prison and work house in the area but it arca kwan workhouse they were particularly bad silent sentinel started being transferred to the workhouse from the more commonly used district jail at the where cows their personal possessions including toiletries toothbrushes than calms were confiscated and they weren't given any kind of replacements apart from one single bar of soap that was shared by everyone in the dormitory most of the suffragette through actually afraid to use this communal bar of soap due to the risk of spreading disease the women who were typically incarcerated at the work house had very little medical care and some of them had active infections of diseases like tuberculosis and syphilis.

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