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DOT com. It took several tries before Kenny. Rogers became a star as a member of the new Christy minstrels. And the first edition. He earned a few hits. But in the late seventies begin charting with a series of well done middle other road songs featuring a country flavor rogers crested with Lucille Country Chart. Topper that earned song of the year honors for nine hundred. Seventy seven the arrest as they say is history award winning duets Dottie West and Dolly Parton. Another song of the year ward for the Gambler a parade of Subsquent Subsequent Smash Hits Coward of the country. We've got tonight crazy. And Lady the latter his first pop number one twelve TV specials and several made for TV movies based on his songs even during the post hit making years his name face. A music were instantly recognisable for his concerts specials films in even fast food restaurants like many countries superstars. Rogers came from humble roots born in Houston Texas Rogers and his seven siblings raise in one of the poorest sections of town nevertheless he progress through high school all the while learning how to play guitar and fiddle when he was a senior he played in the rockabilly band called the scholars who released three singles including King Juan which was written by Lucille. Parsons following his graduation here. Released two singles will always fall in love again and for you alone. The local independent label. Carlton that's what he released it. On the side of the first single the crazy filling was popular enough to earn him a slot on American bandstand. In nineteen fifty nine he briefly attended the University of Texas. You of a right across the street from my own. I'm honored Tsu Texas Southern University. But he soon drops out to play bass in the Jazz Combo. The bobby doyle three while he was with the group Rogers contained are continued to explore other musical venues and played bass on Mickey Gillies. Nineteen sixty single. Is it wrong? The bobby doyle three released one album and most us. I guess it's called any most unusual way before. Rogers left the group to play with the Kirby Stone Four. He didn't stay long with stone and soon landed a solo record contract with mercury. Rogers released a handful of singles on Mercury. All of which failed once mockery dropped a singer. He joined the new Christy minstrels in nineteen sixty six. He stayed with the folk group for a year leaving with several other band members. Mike Settle Terry Williams and film. Oh Lou comics in nineteen sixty seven to form the first edition adding Drummer Micky Jones. The first edition signed with reprise and recorded. Pop psychedelic single. Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in. The single became a hit early in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight climbing to number five within a year. The group was billed as Kenny Rogers. And the first edition and in summer. Nineteen sixty-nine they had their second and final top ten hit Ruby. Don't take your love to town. The country overtones of the single hinted at the direction Rogers was taking. As did the minor hit. Follow up Ruben. James for the next two years the first edition bounce between country pop and mild psychedelia scoring their first big. Hit with Mac Davis. Something's burning in early. Nineteen seventeen by the end of nineteen seventy two. The group had its own syndicated. Television show but cells were drying up. They left reprise the following year signing two rogers new label jolly Rogers. None of their singles became major hits though version of Merle haggard. Today I started loving. You again reached the lower regions of the country charts. Late in nineteen seventy-three Rogers left the group in nineteen. Seventy four in. The band broke up the following year as the time at the time the band broke up. Rogers was severely in debt and Jolly. Rogers was out of business. In order to jump start his career he signed to United Artists in nineteen seventy five and with the help of producer Larry Butler he devised in assessable radio. Ready an immaculately crafted take on country pop that leaned toward adult contemporary pop. Not Country Love. Lifted ME HIS DEBUT. Single for the label was a minor hit early. Nineteen seventy six but it took a four year for Rogers to have a genuine breakthrough hit with Lucille climbing. To number one on One early nineteen seventy seven Lucille. Not only was a major country. Hit earning the country Music Association single of the Year award put an also was a huge crossover success. Peaking at number five on the pop charts for the next six years. Rogers had a steady string of top ten. Hits on both the country pop charts. His crossover success is important. His lush easy listening productions and smooth. Crohn's showed that country stars could conquer the conquer the pop audience if produced and marketed correctly during the late seventies and early eighties. Much of country. Radio was dominated either by urban cowboy or country pop in the vein of Roger's own singles between nine hundred. Seventy eight and nineteen eighty. He had five street number. One Country Singles love or something like it the gambler. She believes in me. You decorate it in my life and coward of the country most of which also reached the pop top ten. In addition to a solo hits. He had a series of tops in duets. With Dottie West including the number one hits every time two fools collide nineteen seventy-eight. All I ever need is you. Nineteen seventy nine. And what are we doing in love? Nineteen eighty-one not only did his single cell well but so did his albums with every record he released between nineteen seventy six Kenny Rogers in one thousand nine hundred eighty four's once upon a Christmas going gold or platinum by the beginning of one thousand nine hundred eighty s. Rogers audience was as much pop as it was country and single. His cover of Leno. Ritchie's lady confirmed that fact spending six weeks at the top of the pop charts. Rogers also began performing duets with pop. Singers like Kim. Kearns don't fall in love with a dreamer number three country number four pop nine thousand nine hundred eighty nobles all the stats for that song and Sheena Easton. We've got tonight which was one country and number six pop in nineteen eighty. Three Rogers also began making inroads into television and film appearing in a number of TV specials and made for TV movies including nineteen eighty. Two's six pack and two movies. Based on his songs the Gambler and coward of the country late in nineteen eighty three he left United Artists Liberty for RCA records releasing duet with Dolly Parton called islands in the stream as his first single for the label written by the BG's in produced by Berry Gabe. The record became one of his biggest hits spending two weeks on the top of both the country and pop charts and que get ahead. Roger stayed at for five years during which time he alternated between Mor adult contemporary pop and slick country pop. Some of these Jonah's I did not know existed or at least a titles. See the hits. They can come as often as they used to. And they were frequently competing with releases from liberties vaults but he managed to log five number one singles for the label in addition to islands in the Stream. Crazy nineteen eighty-four. Real love nineteen eighty-five warning desire nine hundred eighty five two of the own unknown love nineteen eighty six and the Ronney Millsap Duet. Make no mistake. She's mine nine hundred eighty seven. Despite his country success he no longer had pop crossover hits nevertheless Rogers concerts continue to be popular as it has made for. Tv movies still the lack of blockbuster records meant that RTL RCA failed to renew his contract when it expired in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Rogers returned to his first label. Reprise where he had one major hit in? Nineteen eighty nine top ten. The vows go unbroken in parentheses. Always true to you take from the gold album taken from the gold albums something inside so strong okay so we had a gold album and he had a major hit from that wold album sounds good to me on before. His single started charting in the lower half of the top forties now throughout the late eighties and nineties. Rogers kept busy with charity. Work Concerts his fast. Food chain. Kenny Rogers roasters Didn't know about that television specials movie and Photography Publishing No less than two books. Kenny Rogers America and Kenny Rogers. Your friends and mine of his photos. Rogers continued to record releasing albums nearly every year but they failed to break beyond his large devoted fan base in only made a slight impact on the charts with nine hundred ninety eight Christmas from the heart. He established his own record label dream catcher. She rides wild horses followed a year later. And there you go again was issued in mid two thousands. A live by request appeared in two thousand one followed by back to the well in two thousand and three me and Bobby McGee in two thousand four and water and bridges in two thousand six at this point in his career in his career unable to hit the pop or country charts any longer. Rogers repositioned himself as a nostalgic brand in the middle releasing two thousand eleven's the love of God a collection of Gospel Hymns and inspirational songs. Only through cracker barrel locations. The album was released a year later by the gaither music group under the title. Amazing Grace in two thousand twelve. He issued an autobiography luck or something like it. A memoir and the following year he received the honor of an induction into the country. Music Hall of fame a new deal with Warner Brothers Nashville yielded. You can't make old friends. His first major label big budget release in seven years and he promoted it with a.

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