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You do exactly the thing you need to do to fix it you don't need more stress you need moog soft a i ops artificial intelligence for it operations it it it's really kind of cool how they've used machine learning to look at all these alerts to start to pick figure out that oh when you get this alert this alert this alert it usually means this failed and sometimes it's something as stupid as yeah you're the date is mis configured on your server and that's why all the circuits of stopped working because they've all expired because your servers thinks is in nineteen o eight you wanna fix the date you don't want to worry about the other stuff the nice thing about luke soft ai ops is figures that out surfaces the actionable work items clusters all the events in situations you don't have to look at another alert or event ticket again you look at the situation and you solve it now here's the key and i think sometimes people hear me talk about this and say well i don't want to take over my job no no that's not the point at all makes mook soft ai ops was created by it professionals for it professionals to make you better at your job they've got your back they're here to make you a support hero noth not to replace you it's there you don't and by the way it's easy you don't have to create rules or filters or models it does it for you that's the i that's awesome and it works with all your existing tools it learns what's what are correlated what events correllated and start to package those up situations it lower the frequency and duration of repeat incidents so you can get back to what you're doing best we always mentioned this case study from hcl technologies because this is a perfect example there global it managed service provider if you're a managed service provider you're responsible for a lot of people's servers and backups and all that stuff and you that means you get even more alerts right they use moke soft ai ops as the event management layer within their ward winning dry ice platform and that lets them and their clients streamline.

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