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Right. And it'll be thirty seven play at thirty seven. And you know in that league unless you're Tom Brady or drew Brees. Look there are some quarterbacks that are able to to play into the forties. But it's it's rare when you're in the trenches, and you're still effective in your late thirties happen, and he's in the heart of the trenches left tackle, what do you do there shot? I thought the same thing show me the last Thirty-seven-year-old tackle the plate in the NFL. Yeah. I can't think of either. I mean, you know, I mean some guys played in their thirties. I mean Jones Jones Jonathan Ogden right guys. Like that Roaf let me might have played into their early thirties. But you know, thirty seven eight your early thirties. Yeah. That's tough one. You know, that's a tough one. I was having when I was in with the with Joe camera. John Ritchie this week. We spend a lot time talking about this. And. If I'm the eagles if Peter's wants to come back. I'll I'll take him back if he wants to play, okay? John's not so sure John my argument was when he played this year. I thought he played well, I really did. But the problem is he may start a game for you. But you don't know if he's going to finish your game. And John's argument was as a as a another player on the team can you count on that, you know, if you start in the game, and you're looking over your shoulder at the guys is he gonna make the next thing is going gonna make the next snap or not. That's a problem in all fairness. I understand that. Yeah. To a guy like vita who isn't taking the the bulk of the snaps with the ones that's a real challenge to be thrown in there in the third quarter. And all of a sudden, you know, have added against these these unbelievable defense events, and and the thing is we've seen now there's it's a pretty well established pattern that does not handle the coming off the bench thing. Well, there's some offense of linemen that can that can get in the middle of a game. Somebody goes down put a guy in any and he'll step right in and he plays. Well, vita is not one of them when vita has played. Well, it's been when it's clear that he's the guy and he has a full week of practice. He has a full week of reps. He has a full week of preparation. And then when he goes on plays that game he generally play. Okay. That was the Super Bowl. So yes when but when he has to come in cold during the game is when he has his big problems. So that's a real. That's a real issue because that's what I worry about ready. You bring them back. And then it's the same story where you're. You're in the middle of the second quarter. And here we go again. I know I know. That's to me that is that's the thorniest of the decisions because there's a part of me that I first of all I respect Peter so much as a player what he's done. I mean, he was not just the best tackle he was the best offensive lineman and football for period about three or four years here. He's an all time eagle..

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