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We we gotta move. I think and now it's worse. And i think if you're warner brothers in you're saying my going to bet on vaccines am i going to bet on treatments and i'm to be right today as we sit here. It's worse than ever in every day is worse. Well there's the other aspect to this. Which i knew neal shakes. At and t. Focused is like this is a company with one hundred and sixty billion dollars a debt that or trying to convince shaky. Shareholders that spending hundred and seventy five billion dollars to major entertainment or media properties one of which is going to be completely derailed by the end of two thousand twenty one hundred twenty two just pay tv at a time when everything about their business screams flee there now trying to prove that no warnermedia is a thing that's going to happen and we're gonna make sure this works so what they're going to try to do. Extremely hard is accelerate. Growth of hbo maxed. Going to two point. Where it's like no see it's working out. We figured it out. They have not the are still figuring that aspect but more than any other company to. At and t. Is like we need to make sure that we have to prove that this batman works like this is the thing that we were right from the beginning but and john stinky. Tears been hinted about this for months. He in the lobster earnings call. I think his quote was like we're not optimistic about theaters we can. We think it's really shaky still. And we are going to evaluate the holiday season the closer that we get to it. And as soon as we know you'll know and it's clearly that they knew that with rising cases they were not going to stand a better chance of forming a way to increase scrubbers in generate recurring revenue. Which is the fund word in silicon valley entertainment these days in denton dent betting on big theatrical things. That would bring people who theaters. I want to ask you that. Because the mentioned john stinky you messin jason killer. These are the new guys they brought in keeler and he his job. He was the head of who his job is ahead of warnermedia to basically blow it up right. He i think is the phrase us was. We were a wholesaler in that they sold they made content and they sold it to tv networks in theater chains and they've got the money that way now they're retailer selling direct to consumers and he's shifting the whole company around that so if you're betting on hbo max you've got. The slate of movies is in whatever state of completion. Yeah this is your time to say everyone should sign up for eight show maximum. Hopefully you don't quit. Because next month we have another good movie. You're gonna watch yet. I've three kind of predictions for. At and t. warnermedia and the next kind of year to your three one. They divisive half warnermedia easily They just it doesn't make a lot of sense for them keeping on two things holding onto and we're already seeing it. They're selling crunch reportedly selling crunchy role for i think two billion has the report number one billion. They're finding ways to get rid of stuff that doesn't bring him anything in. They will start releasing binge mood or binge model stuff for. Hbo shows which will drive people insane but it will drive people to hbo. Max and get them off linear lino. Paytv is just going away smart. Move there already kind of doing it and it will just increase And three they will move a number of their kind of big titles and have the simultaneous thing because they need to keep that subscription thing. I mean the irony is like everyone knows this like it's it's almost boring. it's like new titles are lead to addition contact comfort. Continental libraries is what keeps retention. So they have the library. They have the best library of any streaming service. It's phenomenal. they don't have the new titles they have the higher price point so the way to get out of that is to do what i think disney's going to do to it. Disney plus is like every month. You have the biggest movie that you're going to bring to the stream servicing. You're gonna find ways to keep people being okay with that fifteen dollars. A month spending especially when netflix the negativity hits fifteen dollars and people realize their content is. But it's not great and that will be a fun moment to really play. I think you're there'll be some big warnermedia changes with content and ownership. I think they have to. that debt. Load is to save the keyword. Signed for the julia. Block of disclosures comcast owns universal comcast. Nbc universal division is a minority investor in. Vox media our parent company to. We are producing netflix. Show you mentioned that flex three eighteen hates me. And i think third what is it is there more. There's usually more well. We don't have to be not to mention kirby anymore. Yeah because they're now officially shutdown rest in peace so that there's the block is a little smaller so one thing i want to just call out to me. This is the biggest news of all wonder woman. Nineteen eighty-four is coming out on christmas day date with theaters in the day. That was announced. I was actually disappointed. Is very excited for the movie. I'm very excited to know everything about that. Blue monday remix the trailer for wonder woman nineteen eighty-four that anyone has a deep dive where that came from. Please let me know. We'll pay a premium to publish it. Just give me a call. But right now max is only intended. Adp in doesn't support very many surround formats and then patty jenkins the director of wonder woman. Nineteen four tweeted. It will be the first movie in four k. Hdr dolby vision dolby. Atmos have they said anything about these which is great. I'm very proud of her. I'm sure that she was like what the hell like. You're making me put this on people's thirty two inch tv's. Like i want the good stuff too. So i'm glad they did it. It's been a long time coming. It's been to most to hear anything about hmx. Besides well. They just read the interface a little bit. So it's a little bit better now. But they were behind technically. Have they said anything. What these new movies next year. You would expect they come out on the highest quality possible. This is going to be the biggest debate between you and i for time to you think. That's not great and it's like my uppercut screaming it's anyways Yeah they all the four k. Hbo max right now. we watch it. We were watching the undoing and we were watching the flight attendant. Good good shows you're correct. Their content is gonna you start the show and it puts up the skip intro button and the button doesn't work. Yeah the quickie stuff they have to. I know it's technically it's broke. They lie to you. I watched the to the flight attendant five times. We have insurance. How coming up. But i have an end of year rankings of the streaming services and literally the con. It every single compile. It's like the ui design could be better. Great gains under interwebs call. Juliet's he walked yes to your point. Everything will be In four k. It's and to your point about kind of the tech side of things. The biggest the biggest thing that's gonna come out of this and the next week would be my bet. Maybe two weeks Actually on roku like roku is how the upper hand for so long where they've been like you didn't know signing up for it. I had a source at roku wants. Tell me that disney gets the deals. Disney gets because they're disney and it's very hard to be disney or not so rocus had the upper hand it is now extremely hard for them to say we don't want feel. Max went every single. Big movie at twenty twenty. One from that studio is going to be. Hbo max so this is. I'm betting on that as well as some the them saying row us being on roku is just as important as us being in theaters..

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