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That you need to know. Degrading economy, a defense energy policy based on the sharing of scarcity. We simply a government that common sense that we all use in our daily lives. Now, here's your host, Dan. Good morning. Welcome back to financial issues. I'm Dan either. It's great to be here. Oh, boy, not a lot of economic news. No economic news being reported this morning. We did get first time unemployment claims not a big deal comes out every Thursday morning. It was lower than expected. But other than that. There is nothing out there looks like the stock rally of the last six days of slowing down a bit looks like futures are negative territory, but well off their lows they were up there were down a lot worse than they are right now. But they're only down about a third of one percent. Of course, yesterday another up day in the markets. We also saw oil the oil sector looks like the tech sector the great run that they had has slowed down. And it looks like a west Texas intermediate is down right now about one and a quarter percent as we look at fifty one seventy one for a barrel oil well over fifty just earlier this week, we're at forty eight or below forty eight. So it's moved up quite a bit. And that that oil rally has been very good for markets, obviously been very good for oil stocks. So we did see that Brent crude oil also down about one. One percent. So we'll see we'll see if we can get that rally back up in two oil stocks. So after this eight day rally in oil that is dropped off. But it is early. We're already off the lows that we were just a half an hour ago with. Oil down about one and a quarter percent. It was worse than that stories off the lows. We'll see one of the biggest things that we're seeing pressure. And is of course overseas the overseas market, really everybody is starting to move and shift their mindset from the optimism of US trade that now is, you know, there's no more talks. Everybody's in a wait and see mode. No sense in really continuing to talk there. It's not that there's any negativity. There's just not the optimism that there are wise. So we're not gonna see that comeback until we start entering back into talks here in the US. So that is a problem. One of the things that I was reading this morning. I think it was Wall Street Journal talking about GOP Republican solidarity over this wall is being tested. Well, no, it's it's not being tested. It was probably never really there. You know, how it goes with the Republicans? And here we go with the democratic controlled house where we have been before where the Democrats do a great job setting the agenda on their terms and Republicans do a very good job at caving to that agenda. And that's exactly what we're starting to see. So there's any lack of solidarity. That would be why. You see in mainstream media all over the place talking about Donald Trump throwing a temper tantrum. Of course, that is not true at all. And I know both Republicans and Democrats really don't know how to deal with somebody. That is standing firm that a strong that is not wavering that he wants to do above all else the right thing for the American people and for the country. They can't deal with it. What do you mean? What do you mean? You're not going to negotiate a real simple issue. They were going along. They have started. Chuck Schumer said. Why why are we here why you're doing this President Trump says because you won't give me what I want? I want a wall. That's what I promised. That's what the American people want. And that's what I want. He turned President Trump and turned to Nancy Pelosi. And asked a question he said this and I quote in thirty days because all I mean, I mean set this up a little bit. So. They were talking about. Let's just get a deal done without a war. And you obviously don't want to do that. He so he turns the Nancy Pelosi, and he says, okay, look quote in thirty days will you be in favor of a war. So we pass this. Now that end, quote if we pass this. Now, we get this done we reopen government in thirty days or you're going to be in favor with a wall Nancy Pelosi said, no. President trump. But his arms out and said, listen, what's the point? And he walked out of the meeting. He's a busy, man. He's president United States. Not many presidents sit and have these guys have negotiations. But at the same time he wasn't going to waste time. He said look you have to under. He's saying by doing that. Look you have to understand the walls a priority of the American people. The wall is a priority of me. It's what I ran on. I believe that without a wall. We don't have security in this nation. I believe this is a national security threat. I think this is a threat to our very existence. We need to have a wall. So of course, the Democrats are saying, it's immoral. So when I hear that when I hear the Democrats ain't it's immoral. We shouldn't have a wall. I assume then they would be okay. And I think that Republicans are put forth a Bill for this very thing to see what if Democrats are going to pass it or not I think they are to put forth a Bill to tear down all the walls that are already built along the border all the fences all the steel walls to San Diego through L Paso through parts of Nevada. Let's tear those walls down after all. It's immoral and we don't want to do anything. That's immoral right heaven forbid, so I think the Republicans ought to be drafting a Bill right now as we speak, maybe the freedom caucus will do it. I doubt that. But maybe they will let Bill together and say. We wanna tear down all the walls. Can we have? Can we have a billion dollars for the demolition of all the walls because we have come alongside of you? We agree. This is immoral vote on it. Let's let's sent this Bill to the house. I was suspected I'll never see the light of day the floor of the house of representatives. So when I thought you said it was Mark. Yeah. But we we don't want to keep what we have why. It's immoral, but yeah, but we we don't we're not four tear down. But why it's Emaar there's people that can't get through that mall war. Can you imagine we should tear down on? Now. I don't think I don't think we want to go that far. So anyway, they're framing this makes me media framing is President Trump saying, you know, having a temper tantrum. No, President Trump is standing on what he was elected on President Trump is standing on what the majority of people one. He is standing firm or what he believes he's the president United States of what he believes is go right thing to do for our national security, and for the protection for the protection of our people and our country for the protection of the American worker and our country. He wants to do what is right. We don't have to go far, folks. Go over to Europe non wall things been working out for them. You know, we need to send a TV crew over there to spend some time in Sweden. And Denmark and going to emergency rooms in Switzerland, Germany and talk to the nurses and the doctors of ill as illegal immigrants come in demanding care. And then if they try did not give them care. They get violent and screaming, we've got nurses over there is nurses over there that won't work. They don't wanna come to work. Can we go and take a little snapshot of that and say this is what it's like without walls. Is that what you want? We need to be.

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