Syria, Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Laura Ingraham


Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who said he doesn't wanna testify before congress because he says the president and Rudy Giuliani threatened his family. But today, the Senate intelligence committee subpoenaed Coa to testify next month. No motive yet and the murderer five people at a bring Florida Bank yesterday. Police chief Carl Hoglund we have no information as to this time ask her what his true motive may have been. We believe that it is a random act believe anybody was specifically targeted, but we are still trying to establish obviously, what has occurred gravity and the nature of has occurred. And try to put things in perspective that we can understand olds deafen saver is being held without bond as the US gets ready to withdraw its military from Syria. It is imposing new economic sanctions against to Iranian backed militias in Syria in an airline that helps carry weapons into Syria. The Dow is down about forty. Hi, Mike moss. This thing these big backups in south Arlington on eastbound, twenty Iraqi Kelly Elliott with only the right lane getting by. That's why you've got that back at beginning. At Bowman springs. Also problem on six thirty five LBJ westbound as you move from Irving over toward Capelle. It looks like road construction up near oil. That's gonna back traffic up nearly from beltline with KLIF right now traffic, I'm Michael Scott. This is Dana lash mega had apparently has the same powers as frosty the snowman cat. So you make a regular snowman and you put the hat on the snowman. And he turns into a real live snowman you put the mega hat on a regular kid, and it takes that kid from being a normal kid, and it turns them into a racist, incest, baby..

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