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Shop would uptake noticing. How patriotically are today? Yes. He has his army navy game shirt on USA shirt from my ultimate feast master show net flicks. It's like the theme a great great thing. No particular reason. Slaughtering here to hacksaw Jim Duggan. You're right. Hey, by the way, did you? I mean, there are cars. Good good quarterback. He's good. Course. Did you think we'd started show twice with Derek Carr in the same week, though the week before the super especially not in back to back day team that was kind of insignificant for a lot of the very much who they got rid of? Yes. Yes. But I think we might have to. So there's a little beef going on here. Derek carr. It's got some series rabbit ears. I very surprised that he went to the lengths that he did. But let's at least I set the scene, then we'll take exactly where we're going with this. So yesterday, we played this whereas played again, just everybody's on the same page Jon Gruden at the senior bowl really expounded on collar Murray and how he's basically maybe reshaping predetermined physical assets quarterbacks. And this eventually ties into Derek Carr. Who basically wants to fight somebody today? Here's Jon Gruden. I used to think that a lot until I saw. Drew Brees twice a year in Tampa. And then I met Russell Wilson coming out of NC state. And I'm watching this kid Murray at Oklahoma. And I am putting away. All the prototypes that I once head you know, I used to have a prototype for hand size. You know, height. Arm length all that stuff. We're looking for guys compla- and do a lot of different things, and they come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Okay. So that's Jon Gruden. I actually strongly surmise teak is not fully on board with this. But I think it might be a way to entice maybe eighteen to move up trade, you know, obviously wouldn't be good for business to Bethany with disparage Marie anyway. But the more you put it out there that hey, you know, we're really calamari could take them into four whatever you have three first round picks. It just opens up an avenue for business, which is smart course. So I think that's a good move by John, but by Jon Gruden doing that and start talking so glowingly about the Heisman Trophy winner. Who got a lot of press by announcing that he's going to enter his name to the NFL draft as opposed to going to play baseball for the for the as all of a sudden we start asking or on the other side of the outside of the war rooms so to speak in Oakland. We started saying what about their garden, which led I date to apart about their car? And I think Derek Carr listens. A little bit too much. Kenyans of data white would direct Twitter handles basically wants to get in the to gone with these and by the way. Well, let me while. I don't want to jump the gun here. Because Adam Schefter tweeted, something hysterical before that is just I mean, this is covered full circle. You don't even know you didn't see it happen. All right. So diesel help us out with this deselms Phillips for Santa. So this was on. I take, you know, my relationship with Stephen I love it wasn't Steven Steven Steven made sure that he tweeted Derek cars. You got the wrong, brother? I've known backs don't profess to Nome incredibly well. But I I like max, I think he's very smart. I think he's good. I agree. I think that show's terrific. I've got a lot of respect for I take. So I guess max said something questioning is fortitude. Yeah. Toughness would quit and things like that. Okay. So you've got the transcript what exactly the Maxine here? I have a loose a loose quote, okay? Towards the end of the season last year. It looked as though Derek Carr quit on his team. Something a lot of people in our on this side of the Mike non-players, non former players sometimes we say that you're right, sometimes we're right sometimes we're wrong. I don't know if Derek Carr quitted acquitted acquitted or quit, but he acquitted himself. But he's not acquitting himself well with these series of because we get to this shape. So this eventually got the Derek Carr who then went on Twitter barrage, and he threw in the UFC hashtag the Dana or the the Twitter handle Dana white Twitter handles. Well, and this is from Derek cars verified account. They get whether or not you believe he quit or not. You know, what max said wasn't wasn't. It's I didn't think it was like below. No. It wasn't sub professional. No. I don't think that it would elicit that kind of reaction which is a deeper conversation about their car, which will obviously engage in a moment. So there are core tweets at UFC at data white. Hey, he doesn't use Kambas either has become a guy. Hey, how do I challenge? A couple of these clowns on TV to fight. Derek Carr quarterback. I think we should start a business together again directly the Dana white where pro athletes can challenge some of these people to an octagon fight. Maybe the wrong sport there until they give us an answer. You don't know me stop lying. So that part is to not Beasley back to MAC. No commas, but lip. Wants to use for us for the period. Also, he didn't need to let so instead of a run on sentences like a run on. It's like an a run on grammar spurt soon. Nabi grammar English fans, you a DC English majors, but fans of English appreciate, you know, about the quickest dot can somebody please invent on Twitter where if you put a tweet out because sometimes I'll do I'll do it in the door. Agreed. Gotta give me a chance to fix a spelling without having to redo. Okay. Might have seventy nine re tweets and three hundred and something to light. You don't wanna go through the whole process. He not that that's a ton. But you don't wanna go through the whole process again. So somebody invent that way, you some there go find the probably working on it now. All right. So there record tweeted this out. I didn't see the Dana white get back to them. I don't think he did. And by the way, as much as I think, Derek Carr should not engage in the sort of interaction. You know, he does have one really good point here. It would be a hell of business pro athletes can get into whether it's a boxing ring the detractors. It'd be great. Oh my God. It would be so one-sided it'd be oncein would be completely unfair. It would be very size. So so that's the guy just a couple of things that you take away. So he goes off on this Twitter rant against max Kellerman. Really, you know, trying to get a fight here. It reminds benefit him at all, of course, benefits. Maxon Stephen agree. It gets them clicks gal. Trying it what the heck did max say this to him on a daily basis place agreed to but here's the thing. This reminds me a little bit of what? Kevin Durant was doing this with his burner. K D on the down low right now, at least dairies jibe it in the least Derek Carr was using his own account. And he was straightforward with it. It was like, look, I'm not hiding this upset me. Let's put it out there. Now, you may have been tongue-in-cheek. He may have been laughing as he was rightness this who knows I think so. A couple of whiskies intimacy was. I don't think he drinks. I think he's just joking. I'm trying to get. I'm just trying to add layers to it. And he is a devout Christian like max Kellerman. I don't know dare car for battle. The show wants through. But I don't I don't know him. No hip, neither do I worried about not worried about. But sure about. Yup. Is. Why is he upset about a guy who knows nothing from nothing? Max Kellerman opining about him quitting and not upset about his head. Coach. Platitude about platitude and I'm changing my prototype. I really want this guy. Didn't relax you say that. But that's what we that's what we inferred from. We can extrapolate for his comments, which we certainly did immediate that he's the Heisman Trophy winner and Cuyler Murray to potentially replace of why. Well, don't you think that's a great question to pick a fight with John Gruden? It's going to be very one. I think it's kind of a bully move on the part of Derek Carr. Don't you think? So don't pick the fight. Yeah. Parts to walk away. Yeah. It's very very interesting where he chose to inject himself into the into the equation. And then of course, you can't have anything on. I take without Stephen a certain themselves. Even if he's not even in it. So Stephen a tweets this out. This is max is that Steven didn't. I didn't see a lot. But Steven didn't say anything about this. So the Steven tweets from his count is a category. Hey, Derek Carr heard you had a few things to say consider this a personal invitation you are more than willing. You're more than welcome to come on. I take or sit down with me for one on one. I'm here, bro. Nobody hiding right now. The amazing thing about this is that I I actually thought this was a joke. But it's not this is outstanding. You're adding ahead Bevanda. This is the port. You don't know. No. I don't see this yet vodka released odds on a fight. They got wrong as well. Why? Because they thought it was Stephen a Smith. They didn't have odds for max. They and how's this? They got Stephen a Smith is the favorite. Smith is minus one thirty look at what we're talking about here. This is hysterical is mine is one thirty to beat Derek Carr in the octagon, which means you'd have to lay one hundred thirty dollars to win one hundred. If you think Steve is gonna win the fight or their records modest one ten which is an essence, you know. Yeah. Pretty much a straight bet you've got to let you know, the big. That's that's generally what it is ten dollars deputy one ten to to win one hundred. Why would Derek Carr now? Listen, Stephen, he's got quick canton. Derek cards at thirty year, old pro athlete, right? Pretty damn good athletes guns on my short does all sorts of training. I mean, I love Stephen. But I got a bet on I gotta make some money ever. Imagine may fighting training was he ever worked with him. He he's always loved boxing. So I know that he wants the bag a little bit. But I, you know, I don't this is really pre surge UFC. We never talked about it back. Then. Years ago. Boxing, you. You're winning a lot of these own boxing odds. These are these are true. But their car doesn't know either true. But don't you think the twenty nine year old in the middle of his prime? Pro athlete is probably don't you think he deserves? The one ten on their Stephen. I'm betting on exactly taking Karna money line. One hundred percent agree with you know. That's that's crazy. That's crazy. This is getting out of hand. Wow. Car has responded. Right diesel. He hasn't. He's he's kind of just let this go. This out into the ether. And then let it go which is probably good. This was not in the because you know, they'll pick it back up tomorrow on the show, and eventually it will disappear you move onto the next issue. Everybody will and maybe Derek Carr has a retraction maybe circles back and he finds a little humor. Maybe takes jammed himself. Maybe Dana white and throws every Twitter handle all the group. And he kinda snuffs it out. I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen. But I don't think it's a good look for a pro quarterback on any level to show that that vulnerability weakness or softness. I'm not saying that, but that that awareness to something that doesn't matter. He's not a rookie been around a couple years. He should be beyond this and very the serious side of this. Because we've been joking about that. But this this does remind you of the K D, I got I gotta respond to everybody. Katie did it obviously with burner accounts. He's doing it directly. But why why because I'm sure that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who have said were. Worse about Derek card directly on social media. I'm sure and not trying to get said he was crying. Yes. Exactly challenges teammate UFC fight one hundred percent agree that would have been volt. It makes a quarterback who was who are often viewed as the CEO of the team look petty yet. You don't see Russel Wilson doing these things? You don't see Tom Brady. You don't see them doing these things? He's still young ish. Not really..

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