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Start game plan for the bears on Sunday. They'll have a tall task especially on the offensive side of the ball for more on the match up versus the bears vaunted defense, we go to KYW's Ed Benkin going back to a running back by committee approach offense coordinator, Mike. Grow says it has benefited everybody on offense again helps keep everybody fresh involved there. But he's got a role in the game and can contribute to the outcome of the game. And that keeps everybody's energy level high the eagles Roddy backs will face perhaps their toughest challenge of the season on Sunday against the bears defense. That's right. Third of the NFL and number one against the run with the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin, KYW NewsRadio. Chicago defense has been impressive all year, especially last Sunday when they shut down Kirk cousins and the Vikings intern helping the eagles secure a playoff spot Nick foles will indeed starting quarterback after. Tests on his ribs came back negative kickoff from Chicago set for Sunday, we're forty you can hear all the action on ninety four WIP the flyers suffered a bad loss. Tuesday night in Nashville falling four to nothing to the predators. The flyers lost despite outshooting Nashville thirty to thirty some college football bowl scores from New Year's day. Penn State to Kentucky twenty seven twenty four in the Citrus Bowl and Ohio State beat Washington. Twenty eight twenty three in the Rose Bowl on Tom Kelly from sports radio ninety four WIP for KYW NewsRadio. Robert here. Robert, somebody burned down, my she shed, no one bird down, your she shed shero all really Victor because my she sheds burning up in the backyard. His she shared was struck by lightning, Cheryl, Robert state farm cover. My she shed she shed, she turned are shed mature hideaway. Robert that's covered. You hear that Victor? I'm getting a new she she or she head. Can we stop says she shared now? Go with a win. That's here to help life go, right? State farm. Talk to an agent today when it comes to taking care of your family and keeping up with work,.

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