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Light seltzer. Anheuser Busch face off in the air Force end in front of Zach LaRock to puck is loose after the drop. Hand skating across the goalmouth, picking it up his cane cane. No. A cane with a shot on goal. Not much on it kicked away easily by Zach LaRock. King goes after it below The goal line brings it back out. But he's mud there by Alex Maynard trying to take it away that pops into the air that it out of there by Gavin and on the stick Now a Blake bride, bride turns looks for help. Finds Maraj is who comes Ack Maraj is with the pot at center ice to Thomas Damascus. Gaskets goes in dumps it in Falcons will change on the fly. While the Lakers trying to bring it up from deep in their own, and they turn it over. Willie Ryan takes it away at the blue Line skates down low, right wing trying to go back wall that didn't work. Puck in the corner to the left of Johnson, the goaltender brought out now by the Lakers. They Pass near the Air Force Blue line. I think Robinson For Air Force got to stick on that when it flipped up into the Air Force bench J over about the last seven or eight minutes. It's been all Mercyhurst. They've had the last seven shots on goal in this game. At one point, Air Force had a 53 shot advantage right now it's 10 5. Mercyhurst face off in the neutral zone Patch Opinsky to take it here. Force leads it one. Nothing. Eight minutes left opening period. Robinson retrieves a pop behind will rot behind the Air Force met his outlet pass intercepted, comes right back in sheriff and Brennan tangling for that puck along the goal line to the left. Exactly. Rock sheriff wins the stick battle feeds were not front broken up by Air Force. Falcons turn and go. This is Marty will pitch it in. One after it. Max Harper, Marty joins the party in the corner reversed to the opposite corner and picked up there by the Lakers who break out here comes Mercyhurst in of the Air Force end and they cough it up. Losing the pump. That time was Dante Spagnola. In the neutral zone with it forever forces Nate Horn horn. I'll pitch it in trying to catch up with it behind the net is going to be known. Can't quite get there. Rhyme comes over to help out Rheiman Noten. In the corner to the left of Johnson, who watches leaning against the post and looking over his left shoulder. Good stick battle there. And finally the puck comes out of there. But the bad news is it's on the stick or one of the Lakers, who bring it in. No. One at the net saved by LaRock Iraq trying to give it to cook going by. That didn't work, so he feeds out to the other side with Falcons bring it up. There's no don't pulls up, sends it back Wall. Johnson watches over shoulder 6.5 to play First period Lakers win another stick battle along the back wall. Pitched out of there, but intercepted it center I spy Air Force. Garages. Cross ice pass, trying to get it to Gavin jumped over a stick. It's in deep behind the net rimmed around by the Lakers, and here's their breakout. Sent.

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