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Great to have you on the show, thank you for. Being with US and Cell selfishly. This is one of the interviews that I've been looking forward to the most being a union man, yourself and me have a little bit of experience at at this point in time, but also I just hear you're a great person from from my agent. Who knows you for a long time? So thanks for being here. You Might WanNa get a new age I. Don't know, but that was kind of You're my second guess in a row. That's in Seattle right now. My. My last one was Eric. O'Flaherty and we talked a little bit about what it's like out there, but from your perspective I know you split time between New York and you've been out there in Seattle. What's what's the vibe like around there? It's pretty. Tight with a lot down here. They're still Anybody close attention to you'll recall that. Early on pandemic when it was still, an epidemic Seattle was more or less like a half dead of. Cases Yeah. Earliest debts Swaran Seattle Center, and now it's you know it's a tribute to the degree to which the populace here has undertaken social distancing, and you know claiming the hands and being very careful etc.. That it's it's an. It's a fairly enlighten towns. So. You're saying the protocols work they they work. Yeah, there's no doubt about it I mean. You you can see what's happening in Sweden when protocols are employed that right? It's just there are no happy solutions a good solution, so it's going. This is very very surreal. Yeah, not unlike anything in my lifetime and I've been around seventy three going on seventy four years, so and never expected anything like this. In the long term consequences on ones without a doubt, I think both your economic -Ly from a health standpoint from an international relations standpoint, just kind of goes on and on. It's a bunch of concentric circles. They're all I. Don't know. Know where I don't know where this ends, but it ends up looking different I'm sure on the backside while also runs even deeper than data comes the very nature about I mean..

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