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And in the dirt never rushed accord of ashes air at don't you tell me about three says me i i broke three fingers and one flag football game a couple of years ago sewa don't tell me it i never play the game how'd you break finger rab some flags uh actually two different place i broke to grabbing a flag and i got some some shirt two and the shirt didn't have any give and it literally broke those two fingers and then i broke the third one same game i stayed in a broke the third one on a catch where i it got deflected in it hit me right in the tip you should change the story that you broke three fingers of other players out of it amounted be matter story i did break someone's knows basketball unfortunately it was my teammate in practice yeah i mean i broke it was a double header i broke three fingers in the first game and i played the second game and i would have played the rest of the season to have not gone to the to the extra emergency care clinic and been told that i immediately should stop playing for fear that i would lose the use of one of those fingers and i needed to pin he's he's in streaming look amac is in spain on espn radio the s p an app and siriusxm channel eighty there's been a jeff dickerson with you on this wednesday night from bristol connecticut approaching hour thirteen and a half on campus keeping a gone to eleven eastern espn radio presented by progressive insurance let's over the shell pennzoil performance on easy for me to same where we find the radio voice for the oklahoma city thunder for w w l asmat pinto thanks for making some time for us map mud closure though goes on for about a me thunder beat the pacers 102 95 and paul george's return.

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